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Christmas Day - Salzburg, Vienna, Werfenweng or Grossarl? Car or train?

Hi all, I'm continuing with planning our trip to Austria over Christmas. Roughly, we are considering flying into Munich for 3-4 days, then heading to Salzburg for 3ish days, an overnight trip to Hallstatt, then onto Vienna for a few days (no driving - all train). I am unsure as to where to spend Christmas day. Originally we were thinking Salzburg or Vienna, but now friends have now suggested that we should go "to the mountains" - to Werfenweng or Grossarl to have Christmas day in the snow. A white Christmas would be amazing. Can anyone provide any ideas or tips as to whether this would work? We don't plan to ski and are flexible with dates to make it work around Christmas. Thank you in advance!

Edit - initially we were planning on doing it all by public transport, but after reading through the forum we are perhaps thinking a car may be best, particularly in the Salzburg region. Would appreciate your thoughts!

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This will be our third Christmas in Salzburg -- the first two without any snow. But we love it anyway.

All trips train only.

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Austrians celebrate Christmas on Dec. 24. December 25 and December 26 are public quiet holidays and most everything will be closed, such as shops. Christmas markets will be finished. I’d go somewhere where there was likely to be the ability to see some indoor attractions, like museums, which will be open. Restaurants will also be more likely to be open in a big city. That said, if you prepare well for a smaller location, that would work.

A white Christmas is not at all guaranteed. I’d use trains and public transportation for most travel but can see a logic in a car for the Salzkammergut, especially in winter when standing outside on a freezing track platform or at a roadside bus stop is not great fun.

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Thanks so much Emily. You are a wealth of knowledge! Although I did note on the official Salzburg website that the Christmas market will be open over December 24, 25 and 26, albeit shorter hours.

Appreciate your insight regarding a car for the Salzkammergut - I will look into hiring one locally for the few days we plan to be there.