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Looks like you can call the number shown, or email them for a reservation. Pay when you show up.

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Due to Corona there is only a limited offering for visiting the cathedral, i.e. no cathedral guided tours, south tower closed, no general evening tours.

For the remainder you do not need a reservation, just show up and buy a ticket.

The special tours offered on certain days at 6 or 7pm are in German only and require booking via the email address given.

It is expected that during July Corona restrictions will be further lifted if infection numbers continue to drop. So the situation regarding the cathedral maybe different in a month.

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I'm ducking under the table after I write this, but the interior of St. Stephen's is far from a must do in the spectacular city of Vienna. It would not rank in my top ten of must do interiors, let alone museums and attractions. So don't FOMO over it for a minute.

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Well, it’s totally free to walk in St. Stephan’s. Five minutes is enough to see the nave and altar.

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It's a definite duck in duck out while you wander the area.
The Catacombs are actually the hidden treasure and especially if you can get a candlelight tour if the power goes out! It's pretty freaky to have hot wax running down your hands while you are wandering through the.......I won't spoil the surprise.
There is never much of a line at least from my experience.