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Buying insulin


Does buying insulin require a doctor's prescription in Austria? I am just wondering. Is it cheaper than in the US? We are going for more than one month and don't always have access to a fridge while we travel. It'd be much more convenient to buy more during the trip and than bringing multiple backup vials and risking them get ruined.

Some friends and colleagues of mine have made insulin purchase trips to Canada, where it's cheaper and doesn't require a prescription.

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Same answer as to your question in Spain: check with the US Embassy.

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Never ask the State Dept. (US Embassy) for advice. Congress forces them to lie for political purposes. English is near universal in Austria, so find an Austrian pharmacy web site & ask them. Otherwise, ask the UK Home Office who seem to be far more accurate and less politically corrupt than the State Dept.

Unless you are camping, you should have daily access to an ice machine or bar where you can get ice. Put the insulin on ice. You can even carry ice with you when traveling by using a thermos. . Check with your pharmacist to see if the insulin needs some insulation from direct ice contact.

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I am in the same situation. I looked at the TSA website and it states that one can bring an ice pack through the checkpoint if it is frozen and not partially thawed where there would be liquid on the bottom. If you keep it in a small cooler bag, this should enable you to bring your insulin from home.

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My wife is Type 1 diabetic and fortunately also an Endocrinologist. We just got back from a 4 week holiday (2 weeks Austria, 1 week London, 1 week Spain). She took ALL her insulin (and a bit more) with her before leaving from Australia. Out of all the properties we stayed at (Austria) i think pretty much no one had an in-room fridge. We kept the insulin in their restaurant/kitchen fridge. They were super chill about it. While driving between cities/towns, we bought a bag of frozen peas, put the insulin pouch in the glovebox, chucked the frozen pea pack on it... it was fine.

Ofcourse, you do need a letter of some sort from your doc authorising you to carry the insulin with you on person and NOT in the checked in luggage.

Hope that helps.