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Bregenz or Lindau?

Hello again-
We are dropping a rental car off in Bregenz on May 7th and have a night to spare before we head to Zurich. Should we stay in Bregenz or take the ferry to Lindau and stay there? We are not on a time schedule to get to Zurich so we can take the ferry back to Bregenz to catch the train at any time. Does anybody know where else the ferry from Lindau goes (just haven't looked it up yet), maybe closer to our destination? Thanks for the recommendations! Dan

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A trip with the ship from Lindau to Bregenz depends on whether it fits into your schedule, because they don't run that often (i.e., 8-9 times a day in high season). But there are numerous trains between Bregenz and Lindau. Personally, I think Lindau is prettier because it's on an island and has a romantic medieval feel. Bregenz has a few attractive corners, but is not particularly exciting overall. But of course it also depends on what you want to do. If, for example, a trip to the Pfänder is on your programme, then Bregenz is the obvious choice.

NB. There is also a ship (not a ferry - ferries go between Friedrichshafen and Romanshorn and between Meersburg and Konstanz) from Lindau to Rohrschach connecting to the train to Zurich), but also 5-6 times per day only. For details cf.