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Bratislava, Slovakia and Austria

At the end of July I will be traveling with a youth choir to Bratislava, Slovakia and two or three cities in Austria. This will be my first visit to Europe. The choir director has suggested the purchase of a small fan since I am big on air conditioning and according to him Europe isn't. So my odd question is when I step off the plane in Vienna are there any suggestions as to a store I can easily reach and purchase a fan. Another question comes to mind and I ask this simply as a first time European traveler looking for a second opinion. The choir has a number of performances so sight-seeing is limited, our travel package includes lodging, breakfast and dinner so that the only things to pay for are lunch and some gift shops or as mentioned limited sight-seeing. It has been recommended by the choir director that 20 Euro's a day will be sufficient. Does this seem reasonable? Thank you for your consideration.

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Considering that everything else is paid for, €20 per day for lunch is reasonable, although you could easily go far over or under.

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I guess I personally would not rush to buy a fan. You should be able to find one fairly easily in any city if it becomes necessary. You may find that your hotels are comfortable enough without one or the hotel may have one to use in your room. You could buy one the first day and never need it.

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We stayed in Bratislava last year, and found it to be a very nice, modern city. Its only 39 miles from Vienna. What amused me is that they didn't even speak German--despite being so close.

They've even got one of the nicest malls I've ever been on down on the river. Don't worry about a/c and getting a fan.

As far as money, you do best to draw it out of your ATM from home. It's hard to tell how much you'll need. It's not the most expensive place in Europe.

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Some hotels do have AC, although it's true that it's not usually set to the meat locker temperatures favored in the US or Asia. And many hotels that don't have AC will have fans for loan at the front desk, although another poster emphasized the importance of asking for one when you check in, as they have a limited number and if you wait they can be gone.

So, what I'd do is see if your hotel has AC or has a fan to loan you. If they don't, they can tell you where the nearest store is to buy one. Saturn (kind of a local equivalent of Best Buy) will definitely have them, but they may not be the closest to your hotel.

And I see you didn't suggest this, but don't bring one from the US. It will not be compatible with European current, so you'll either start a fire, blow a fuse, melt the fan, or some combination of these things (not a joke).

I agree that €20 per day will work, but you will probably want to have more budgeted just in case. As said above, you would get money from ATM's, and replenish as needed. Here is a page of Rick's excellent money tips. Read all the links, and you'll be an expert: