biking the Wachau Valley

In Sept. we will fly to Vienna and plan to bike along the
Wachau valley part of the Danube river. . Can we get a boat in Vienna traveling to Melk where we would like to rent a bike and ride to Krems ?. We won't have a car. We could bike both directions with planning an overnight in Durnstein or Krems. (or any other village along the way). Any other options regarding biking is much appreciated. Thanks, Carol

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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Take the train from Vienna to Melk, it is much faster. You can rent bikes in Melk at Nextbike, and ride as far as you want towards Krems. I would recommend an overnigh in Weissenkirchen, Spitz, or Durnstein. We stayed in Durnstein as part of our trip from Aschach an der Donau to Vienna:
You can continue to Krems and take the boat back to Melk, or take one of the small ferries across the river and bike back.
Riding is easy along this area. If you want better quality bikes you can rent from Pedalpower in Vienna, take the bike carriage train to Melk and bike. You can get a train in Krems, or bike/boat back to Melk and get one there.

Posted by Emily
Vienna, Austria
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I second Alex's feedback above, particularly taking the train to Melk (or Krems) as opposed to the boat. The Danube from Vienna to Krems is highly uninteresting. I also like the suggestion of making a roundtrip bike journey from either Melk or Krems, but on each side of the river. Weissenkirchen is a favorite village on mine. Be sure to drink Sturm...

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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We have opted to not do out biking thing out of Vienna this year. My brother, Thor, and I will be up in Lech am Arlberg for 8 days, Funes in the Dolomites for 7 days, and Hall in Tirol for 2 days. I hope there will be Sturm available in Lech and Hall because I will be thirsty after hiking all day.
Emily is very correct about the boat from Vienna to Melk. The train is the best option. If you cross the river from Krems and bike up the other side to Melk you will go by the Aggstein Castle ruins...wunderbar. Make sure you hike to the ruin above Durnstein. That was the castle that Richard Lion Heart was held for ransom by the Duke of Austria. Amazing views from up there as well.

Posted by ckbaken
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Thank you for the train suggestion--and for bike rental options as well as BNB suggestions--we so appreciate your knowledge and response. I am following up on this information. This is a Mother/ daughters vacation and this shall be a highlight celebrating our daughter Amy turning 50! Wunderbar!

Posted by Kevin
Rick Steves' Europe
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I agree with the advice you have received so far. It is easy to take the train to Melk or Krems and good bike rental options once you arrive (more information in Rick's Vienna, Salzburg and Tirol guidebook). You can start looking at potential rail connections using the information here.

Posted by Alex
Longmont, CO, USA
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If you use Rick's guidebook, do not elect to stay in Krems. It is not up to the fine experiences you will have in the villages Emily and I mentioned. I am not sure what biking level you are at, but again, if you do want good 21 speed hybrid bikes go with Pedalpower in Vienna. From what I have seen the Nextbikes are granny bikes.