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Oh my, a map would have saved us some time but we have a lot of time between now and late June to start looking them up. Emily do you have a favorite or two on this list?

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Mona - I don’t eat veal (or any baby animal), so it’s Anzengruber for me where they serve a great pork schnitzel.

As for maps, I really enjoy making a google map when I travel, color coding the locations so that I can always find a great place to eat.

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We loved our schnitzel at Meierei im Stadtpark in 2019. Also loved their breakfasts so much we breakfasted there three times during our six night stay in Vienna.

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We loved our schnitzel at Meierei im Stadtpark in 2019.

Fully agree. For me this is the gold standard for original Wiener Schnitzel (from veal) in Vienna. And as a dessert you must order Kaiserschmarrn, but order it at the same time as the main dish, not afterwards, or you will have to wait 20 minutes at least as it is prepared from scratch.

The kitchen behind Meierei is the same as for Steirereck, the #1 rated restaurant in Austria, which is on the other side of the building.

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as a dessert you must order Kaiserschmarrn

We did. It was great.

We only stumbled on this restaurant as we were staying just across from the park at Hotel Am Parkring and could see it from our windows and went for a walk one day in search of lunch. Was such a rewarding find.

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Earlier this spring, I enjoyed a relaxed meal at Meissl & Schadn. I described a part of my experience with:

... (A) single-cut piece of veal schnitzel, coated in bread crumbs and
fried in lard; served with cranberries; potato salad; and “Viennese
garnish” consisting of chopped parsley, capers, hard-boiled egg, and
anchovies. Topping the plate-sized schnitzel are a slice of lemon and
an anchovy-wrapped caper for an extra jolt of acidity and flavour.

Viewing, processing, and posting the images made me hungry again.

Near my stay, I stopped at Rüdigerhof for their veal schnitzel. Compared to M&S, the veal schnitzel isn't the same in terms of flavour and presentation, but I still got a great lunch in a cozy cafe surrounded by guests who live in the area. I have to go back on a nice day to sit outside in their garden.

Thanks for pointing to the article, Emily; I'm interested in trying out some of these places, particularly outside the inner city,

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an anchovy-wrapped caper

a single small caper wrapped in an anchovy? How could you see the caper? Did they put a cocktail stick in it?

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says caper. caper is a small caper bud. caper berry is a much larger immature fruit.

thanks for the clarification of what they left out. different recipe, different taste....