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Berlin to Vienna - 12 nights, with kids, need itinerary help!

We're taking our kids to Europe for the first time over their spring break, during the last week of March into early April. My son will turn 14 over the trip and my daughter is 11.5 and they're well traveled, just not to Europe! We're flying into Berlin and back from Vienna (I got a great deal on the flights so those are set in stone). We pack light and would like to utilize trains whenever possible because I know that kids are sometimes free (true for buses too?). Also my husband would rather not drive if he doesn't have to, especially since we're crossing into another country.

I want a good mix of great food, museums, palaces, castles, nature and adventure so I put the following itinerary together and am hoping for some feedback. I know it's tight but I'm not planning on really visiting museums or doing tours outside of Berlin. We're interested in experiences and creating memories and I'm trying to plan my stops w/out huge travel times between cities. This is what I came up:
Berlin - 3 nights (museum, sites, food, high speed train to Nuremburg to get to Rothenburg?)
Rothenburg od de Tauber - 1 night (medieval town, night watchman, what's best way to GP?)
Garmish Partenkirchen - 2 nights (Zugspitze, day trip to Neuchwanstein?, Partnachklamm Gorge, Bavarian town)
Salzburg - 2 nights (day trip to waterfall? Krimml or Bad Gastein)
Lake Halstatt - 1 night (do I go here before Salzburg?)
Vienna - 3 nights (palaces, opera, Spanish riding school?, food)

Halstatt is kind of a non negotiable must see for us, and we'd like to stay for a night to have some reprieve from the crowds. Should crowds be of concern during this time of the year? And where should we go for salt mines and a luge ride? I was thinking Garmish-P would be good for that but seems tight w/two days. Is that even a good base? Zugspitze is another thing we really want to see. What's the funnest way up the mountain? Can we do sledding there? I've heard of the night watchman in Rothenburg which I thought would be neat for the kids. Is the one night worth it just for the medieval scenery?. As far as Salzburg goes, none of the Sound of Music stuff is important to us. So is two days there too much?

I realize that 12 nights is not enough to truly experience Germany, Bavaria, Austria, etc. but it's the most time we have and I'd like to get a taste of the area with the idea that someday we'll return. I know Prague is also really common to include when you're talking Berlin & Vienna but we felt strongly about keeping our trip to a two country minimum!

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With the two kids, I think I would do my best to trim the short stays out of the itinerary. I know that will be hard for you with the things you want to do. Maybe eliminate Salzburg, since it sounds the least important to you, and stay 3 nights in Garmisch so that you have 2 full days for your day trips (2 nights is not the same as 2 days). And then two nights in Hallstatt since that is a non-negotiable for you.

I have only visited Rothenburg on a day trip, and have thought of going back but the travel there has just not been super convenient, so I can't comment on the Night Watchman tour.

There is a sommer rodelbahn near Neuschwanstein. I did a day tour from Munich with my 11 year old that included the sommer rodelbahn, a hike up to the castle and a bike ride around the lake. It was a fun day. You could even base that part of your trip in Munich and I think you could find excursions to everything you want to do. I have not stayed overnight in Garmisch since the 1980s, but I know we got to Neuschwanstein from there. We didn't do a lot in town though.

I have also taken one of my kids to a salt mine near Bertchesgaden as a day trip from Salzburg, but I think there is one to tour in Hallstatt.