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Beethoven 250 th celebration

This extensive article in today's NY Times is for anyone with a love of fine music , and certainly that of Beethoven . The areas of Vienna in the north of the city where Beethoven spent the spring and summer of 1802 , are particularly evocative if one is interested in the history of music , and of Vienna -

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Several years ago, 2010 or 2011, on the last Sunday in June in Berlin, I accidentally bumped into an open air concert (Konzert im Freien) in the Gendarmen Markt area. The orchestra was playing the 5th Symphony with good old Simon R. conducting and speaking German. It was not the Philharmoniker but a lesser orchestra in the ranks of Berlin orchestras.

The performance was absolutely amazing, fantastic. Everyone just stood there and listened, mesmerized. I knew from hearing the last part of that performance of the 5th any other hightlight on that trip (this was at the start of the trip) could not match what I had just heard.