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Bayern or Tyrol?

From Berchtesgaden to Fussen. What’s the most scenic drive? Ty, David

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David -
I have researched the Alpenstrasse quite thoroughly and have always wanted to drive it, but in our travels it has never worked out logistically. I have posted on this forum before about it and have gotten nothing but positive feedback. I have been to both Berchtesgaden and Fussen (great towns) and it seems like the Alpenstrasse would be the way to go. You might want to post on the Germany forum with the question “What’s the most scenic way from Berchtesgaden to Fussen?”. You might get a better response. Good luck! Dan

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Rosenheim-Irschenberg-Bad Tolz-Murnau. Be warned: I once did the similar drive Oberammergau to Salzburg, it was very scenic but much longer than it looks. Bavarian country roads are incredibly nice and relaxing, but driving is slow.

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In the summer I really enjoy driving in Austria with the top down. More and higher mountains in Austria. I usually drive secondary roads (Landstrasse) and take my time. No vignette required on the secondary roads. Many streches of the Autobahn in parts of Austria have noise berms and barriers limiting the view and the speed limit is down to 100 km/h. If you have time you can pick your own route. That might be the best with a little of both Germany and Austria. In Austria keep an eye out for speed cameras. Maybe point yourself towards Innsbruck and over the Fernpaß to Füssen. The Oberland in Germany is pretty scenic too. Great places along either way and with a few stops you can make it a full day.

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I've driven from Salzburg to Oberau. It is a long drive, Maybe on 8 to 472 to 307, with a detour to Eng Alm. Beautiful, but a long day. That was 16 years ago, at least. Well before Google Maps. I'm not certain how we navigated!