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Austrian Grand Prix/Hallstatt?

My family is travelling to Austria and the men are attending the Grand Prix. We are looking for a city to set up a base, from which the men could drive in for the race and the women (who will not be attending the race and will not have a vehicle) can access transportation to sightsee and/or enjoy the base city. Can anyone offer some suggestions? We have interest in the Hallstatt area.

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Hallstatt is nice but I don't know where in Austria is Grand Prix.

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Graz is probably the closest city of any size for you. You could take the train to Maribor for the day.
I think Hallstatt is too far for the drive down for race day.

Perhaps I can say more if you give some ideas of what you are interested in. A city experience, cycling, hiking, churches, food, etc?

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Having been to a few Grands Prix, make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. Expect over a hundred thousand fans to descend on the area and rooms are expensive and can be hard to find. The men might have a two hour drive from Vienna or Hallstatt if you are unable to book something closer to the Red Bull Ring.

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What Zonderpaard said. Do a Google Maps search for Red Bull Ring Spielberg, zoom in and out and you'll see what towns and cities are close by. Graz does appear to be the closest of any size.

Using the directions option, you can see the potential driving routes to the track from Graz. The shortest seems to be about an hour. Something about all those mountains...

This is a link to some travel info about Graz. It's a city of about 266,000. You might find enough to see and do right there. I'm sure you could take a train or bus to other locations.

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So sorry, I don't understand the question.

jillybean if this is in response to my post, what I mean is that if you want recommendations about where to go/stay, you need to provide some information about your interests. 'Sightsee' is pretty meaningless. What kind of 'sights' are you interested in?

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We are planning a similar trip in 2018 for the Grand Prix. What did the ladies end up doing and and where did you stay? How did the race-goers travel between where you stayed and Spielberg? Any information is welcome and helpful!

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You need not to stay in Spielberg for watching the race, nor should you drive there. From most major towns bus shuttle services are offered to bring you to the race grounds and pick you up afterwards for going home again.

The average crowd is about 200,000 people, and there is one highway (two lanes in either direction) for traffic, or better for the usual traffic jam.