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Austrian Alps

Hallo, I’m planning a trip to Austria next fall/winter and am interested in spending anywhere from one to three days in the alps. I’ve been researching but haven’t quite found what I’m looking for — something like Mürren where it is directly in the alps itself opposed to being surrounded by it like say Interlaken (no I can’t go to Switzerland for logistical reasons.) Any help is appreciated. Best regards.

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Look for information around the Innsbruck/Seefeld area.

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I too would suggest the Innsbruck area. The place is incredibly beautiful.
And it's just a 2 hour drive or train ride down from Munich, and it's also the gateway to Northern Italy. Travel to Tirol is very easy.

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Hall in Tirol is a lovely little place but is not what you are looking for (worth popping into though).

Look into Alpbach, a lady in the tourist office changed the way I travel. Not quite Murren but it is higher up and there's hiking to be had. I don't ski but it is a big skiing area.

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I’d also suggest the Zillertal. We stayed in Finkenberg. Closest I’ve been to replicating our “Wengen experience”.

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We loved Innsbruck. A short walk from our hotel took us to the funicular up the mountain. We loved the hiking, the views, to old city area -- all in all, it was a perfect spot for us.

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I think you've gotten a number of nice suggestions, but just have a brief note: depending on when in the fall you are thinking about going, some places in the Alps -- especially the ones that are more of ski destinations -- close down for a bit of a break in November-ish. I also don't think I've ever done real hiking in Austria later than the middle of October, because of weather, although this applies more to serious hikes, so I'm not sure if you're interested in that sort of thing. But I'd urge you to check about schedules for things like accommodations and even lifts if your trip will be in November.

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Three tips (I live in Austria and love exploring):

ONE: If you are short on time and want the fastest city-mountain experience imaginable, I'd echo the Innsbruck recommendation. Go from city to the Hafelekar peak in minutes: Take the whole thing up from town or take a city bus to the first station (the bus ride itself is something...and easy) and head up further.

TWO: If you have a car, consider the Dachstein or Dachstein West area. Simply check online and all major social media outlets for "Dachstein West" and start exploring to find experiences you are looking for.

Example: I just got back from a night at the Gablonzer Hütte on the "Zwieselalm" (Alm = Apline meadow) near Gosau, not too far from Bad Ischl, Hallstatt, etc. Easy and medium hiking options; views from this Hütte smack towards the Gosaukamm and Dachstein glacier and down to the Gosausee (Lake Gosau). Plus another 20-minute walk takes you to the top of the Alm with a 360 degree view. The cows and horses were still up on the Alm for the season, munching away on all that fresh meadow grass before being brought down for the colder months. Humans can stuff themselves on friendly hospitality and home cooking at any of the three Hütte that were open, both within easy walks of each other. One local told me that the area is known for its family-friendly skiing in the winter, but I'm not a skier so can't help much with winter sports.

To get to the Gablonzer Hütte, hike up (1.5 hours-ish) or take the 4-minute gondola ride on the Gosaukammbahn at the Gosausee base station, then a 10-minute jaunt to the Hütte. Well-marked.


-Gablonzer Hütte:

-Gosaukammbahn (gondola/lift) info, summer/fall only (winter: take the Panorama Jet Zwieselalm gondola, do a search for it if interested):

THREE: Dachstein Glacier at Schladming-Dachstein. The closet thing to heaven. Absolute dynamite views is an understatement. Plus there's the Dachstein suspension bridge, the Stairway to Nothing (not for the queasy!), the Sky Walk, the Ice Palace, plus of course food and drink. Easy to spend a whole day up there and there's no way you will not feel you are IN the Alps. I drove there but I believe you can also reach the gondola station by public bus (for example, from the town of Ramsau, very famous for cross-country skiing). Link:

Happy planning, lots of good tips here!

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