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Austria-Swiss Rail Pass

Question - Does the Austria-Swiss Rail Pass have the same benefits in Switzerland (ie: lift discounts) as the Swiss Rail Pass?


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I don't know what an Austria-Swiss Rail Pass is. Do you mean the Eurail Global Pass? No, it is only good for trains. I question why you would need a rail pass for Austria.

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It (the Austria-Swiss Railpass) is in Rick's 2017 guidebook (we're buying the more recent update) - but there are no details about it. We don't plan to drive on a trip which will start in Vienna, end in Zurich, and include Vienna, Salzburg, Lucerne (for the summer music festival), Berner Oberland - etc. We'd prefer to use the Swiss Rail Pass in Switzerland, but the Austria-Swiss Railpass seems like another possibility for both countries on a single 2 week trip.

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Eurail used to offer 1, 2, 3, and 4 country rail passes. Those days are gone. Now there are only single country passes and Global passes that cover all of them. 2017 guidebook is obsolete.

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Actual train fare from Vienna to Salzburg is 19 Euro.

Actual train fare from Salzburg to Zurich is 29 Euro.

Book your tickets only from the actual operators of the trains, not a third party.

From Vienna to Salzburg you have two options - OeBB and Westbahn. and

From Salzburg to Zurich you can again use OeBB (The Austrian Rail Service).