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Austria/Slovenia in 10 days...please help with itinerary!

Hi there: my boyfriend and I are traveling for 10 days to Austria and Slovenia. In the middle of July. That is about as far as I’ve gotten with the itinerary. We are planning on renting a car in Austria and driving mainly around Austria but hoping to add a day or two in Slovenia along the route. I assumed we’d fly into Vienna but really it doesn’t matter to us.

Please help us plan out a good driving itinerary! :)

We love beautiful scenery and trying new things. Not really into “touristy” attractions and really enjoy meeting the locals and hanging in smaller towns. That being said we do want to see Vienna and Salzburg though. We also love outdoor activities.

Was thinking we could fly into Vienna and pick up car, drive to Salzburg (maybe a stop on the way some place for a night?), then somehow circle down to Slovenia while stopping on the way. Then stay in Slovenia for a night or two and head back up to Vienna? No clue what to fill in the holes? Hallstatt? Alpbach? Lienz? Help! Lol.

Any help would be super appreciated. I’m a total planner and having a super hard time figuring out what makes sense. We’d like to see a little of everything.

Thanks again!

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Here you are on the Rick Steves site ! get yourselves the appropriate Rick guidebooks and start there with the basics . After you have done some basic reading , come back and it will be simple to look at the details

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By the way , keep a map of the area in front of you at all times ( paper or online , your choice ) it will give you a perspective of where you are at any point

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During summer, altitude is one of the surest ways to (temporarily) escape the heat, assuming you can go high enough up a mountain for it to make a difference.