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Austria concerts 2022

Hi all,
It looks like there are no concerts at the fortress for the days we plan to be in Salzburg Nov 22-23 which is disheartening but feel that might be just a sliver lining in the waiting as it will force us to find alternatives.

Any suggestions for smaller, local concerts in Vienna Nov 18-21 and Salzburg 22-23. Or thoughts on the Mirabell palace or the Baroque Hall at St. Peters?

Probably falling prey to one or two tourist traps in my life of "authentic" culture (an Irish dinner dance program comes to mind, that was more like a show on a cruise ship) so I like to look to the locals and the experienced folks on this forum!

Thanks in advance (and for any other Vienna-Salzburg tips you might have). I've devoured poster Emily's Christmas market list and cant wait to dive in!



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If it works with your time and your budget, try to catch a performance at the Musikverein in Vienna -- preferably in the Grosser Saal. It's gorgeous and is considered one of the top performance halls in the world. The Concentus Musicus Wien performance on Nov 19 at 15:30 catches my eye. Tickets go on sale to the general public on 9/26. The group plays period-appropriate instruments during its performances, so you hear the music the way it was originally performed. I've seen them perform three times, including at the Salzburg Festival in 2014 and twice at the Musikverein since then. Top-notch musicians. Since it's a matinee performance, hopefully the price will be reasonable. If that performance does not work for you or interest you, there are a number of other performances at the Musikverein while you are there.

The Vivaldi concert at Karlskirche should be an excellent performance in a nice environment, too. As an aside, it's cool to hang out at front of Karlskirche in the evenings just to watch the world go by. The group that performs at Karlskirche also uses period instruments.


Salzburg is filled with skilled musicians, too. I have done the fortress concert twice -- once in May and once a few years ago during Christmas market time. I'm sorry you will miss it! I have seen nothing but good reports about the performances at Schloss Mirabell. There are many fans on the forum of the performance at St Peter's, too. My understanding is performances at St Peter's are in period costumes, but the skill of the musicians is very good. The Mozarteum often has quality performances, but I don't see anything scheduled for the time you will be there. I also don't see anything of interest on the Salzburger Kulturvereinigung calendar.

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Thank you for this great info! I’ve put a reminder on my calendar for the 26th for tickets for the concert at the musikverein. And the other suggestions are wonderful as well.

Thanks again!’


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You are in luck with your schedule because it looks like you’ll be in Vienna on November 20 and on Sundays at 11am in Vienna’s Augustinerkirche, a High Mass is celebrated with a live concert performed by an orchestra and choir in the church. This is part of the Sunday service in the same church where the Emperor and the royal family attended services adjacent to their home at the Hofburg Palace. It is part of the Sunday Mass and it is free to all.
The acoustics in the Augustinerkirche are astounding.

To be sure you get a seat, get there early.

Additionally, the website lists classical music concerts throughout Europe— including Vienna and Salzburg. On the website just enter Vienna or Salzburg and the dates you will be there and you’ll see listings of concerts throughout the city, including the Musikverein, Schonbrunn Palace and several churches in Vienna.
Enjoy 🇦🇹 Austria!

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As November is not a touristic season, you are less likely to fall into tourist traps. In Salzburg look for venues that work the year round like Mozarteum or Landestheater (the festspiel houses do not have a regular season in winter but only single concerts). Unfortunately the delicious Marionettentheater will be touring Mexico in November (well, it is not touristic season).

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Earlier this Sept. my husband and I enjoyed a marvelous concert in St. Anne's Church, Vienna, by the Aeon Quartet. They play Baroque music on period instruments several times a week. It's worthwhile to go when the doors open at 7:15 or so to sit up close. The administration was also very helpful in assuring me they'd hold 2 tickets to pay in Euros at the door. The concert quality was excellent and the church interior lovely.

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This is Austria's most comprehensive event directory:
It is in German, but easily to understand. Select a place (e.g. Wien), a date, and the type of event (e.g. Konzert).

I just discovered that the website, which I recommended, seems to have a problem with its software or database, i.e. in the search results there are a lot of events missing.
Other classical music events you can find here:

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OH my gosh- thank you all for this great information-its music to my ears!!. This travel forum has kept me from many mistakes and enhanced my vacations immensely. No doubt this will be the same thanks to your kind help.

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I know you specified smaller , intimate programs , but there is nothing like a major Symphony concert in The Musikverein as Dave mentions in his reply . Look there to see what's on . I'm headed for Munich in an hour , and then on to Vienna , three concerts there , at The Musikverein , including the Mahler First Symphony.

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We just returned from Vienna. Of course one wants to hear the music. We bought tickets to a venue that was an assortment of music and dance and opera. We bought it from the guys with their picture books and costumes on the street who we passed whilst wandering near the Spanish Riding school.
I am not one to usually buy tickets on the street. But, then again, while researching Vienna music we were overwhelmed by the choices and what to see and hear. Having heard that a regular opera or concert can last many hours, well, this sounded the thing for us. Was one hour total. If you go to only an opera, or only a classic concert you do not get the variety and flavor of the Viennese music scene.
Everything went well. It was at the Palias Augsburg. We paid €55 per ticket for VIP which was first four rows. But, really you can see and hear from anywhere since the room is not overly large.
Quite frankly we had very little knowledge of classic music, opera, etc. so it was all new to us. I would say that the musicians and singers were excellent. After all they re professionals and do this for their living.