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Arline travel from Vienna to Nice, information

I will be traveling from Vienna to Nice in September.
I see that Austrian airlines has 2 nonstop flights one in the morning and one at night.
I was planning on taking the afternoon flight and was wondering when I should book this flight.
Also how early should I arrive for this flight?
Is this a busy route?
How is Austrian airlines reliability. My concern is changed flight schedule etc…
Any experience flying this route or from Vienna
Thank you

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If you know your dates, I suggest you book, no reason to wait. And you should arrive at Nice airport two hours before your flight.
No input on your other questions, basically I've never heard bad things about that airline but i do not have any first hand experience.

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My sister-in-law happened to take that flight to Vienna from Nice this morning. She said every seat was taken. She could tell that most people were going on to Eastern Europe because very few passengers were at the luggage carousel. So yes, it's a popular route.
They've been flying that route on Austrian for decades.
Buy asap.

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This is the best search engine for flights:
If you are not fixed to a specific day, change "exact" to "+/-3 days" when entering your travel date. You will be provided with a grid showing the price details for all combinations of days for going to Nice and back. So you can select the cheapest offer, if this matters to you.

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You can use Flight Aware to check the dependability of your flight.
Safe travels!