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Are there Uber or Lyft in Vienna

Does anybody use Uber or Lyft In Vienna? we need to take a ride from airport to the city center what should we use?

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Do they not have info on their respective websites as to where they provide service?

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There are fast and cheap (€4.20) trains from the airport to the city. The choice depends where to you have to go.
RJ trains to "Wien Hbf" (main train station): 15 minutes
S7 trains to "Wien Mitte" (center train station): 25 minutes
Trains depart alternating every 15 minutes.

Don't use the CAT (City Airport Train) - as given in the link of the previous post -. It is a rip-off (€14.40) for the same route as the S7 train.

Only if you have bulky or heavy luggage a taxi may be feasible. In that case book in advance for a flat fee (approx. €30), e.g.:

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thanks all.
i worry about using public transportation at the first laster night. does any one use BOlt? is it similar as Uber?

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Bolt is similar to Uber.

What are your concerns about? Public transport in Vienna is reliable and safe, even in the night.

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is there a special Uber or Bolt waiting area at the airport?

No, that would be illegal. According to Austrian law Uber is a "limousine service", i.e. Uber drivers must depart from their homebase to their customers (and return there afterwards). Waiting on the street or taking passengers on the street is strictly reserved for taxis. Uber has violated this regulation and several others frequently, having accrued fines of €1.2 million already. Last week an Uber driver was stopped by the police, having no driver's license.