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Anything to see for a quick stop between Zurich and Luzern?

Due to some limitations in travel dates, I'll have a little longer in Luzern than planned. Will arrive by night train at Zurich in the morning, and was then planning on heading straight to Luzern, arriving by ~10:00am. Will then have the full next day in Luzern (sleeping there two nights), then head to Murren.

Frankly, it's a little longer than I was hoping to plan for Luzern, as I am not really interested in the mountain trips near Luzern as I will be doing that at Murren. I'll have almost two full days in Luzern. So....

On my way from Zurich to Luzern, traveling between the two by train, is there anywhere worth visiting that I should stop off for a short visit (e.g. a couple of hours)? A cute village or anything to visit so that I'll arrive at Luzern in early afternoon (closer to hotel check-in time)?


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Not really. But you should know that the "mountain trips" from Lucerne are totally different from Muerren because they involve a boat trip on the lake, visiting nice little towns on the way.

Take the boat to Vitznau, ride the cogwheel train up to Rigi Kaltbad, walk around and enjoy the views, then ride the cablecar down to Weggis on the lake, have a look around, and take a boat back.

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There's not a big distance between Zurich and Luzern.

Coming off the night train you may well be a zombie on your first day.

Night train from where, by the way?

I like Zug, and Cham.

You posted this question in the Austria Forum. Neither Luzern nor Zurich are in Austria, you may get more responses if you post questions about Switzerland in the Switzerland Forum.

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Thanks for your replies. (And sorry for the mess-up posting in the Austria forum - the night train is from Vienna, which is why that was in my head....)

I haven't heard of either of those two town and so will check into them! Thanks!