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Anybody been to beer gardens in Salzburg?

I've been through Salzburg at least five times, and recall once going to a not particularly great smaller beer garden, but don't really have any idea about beer gardens in Salzburg in general.

On this summer's trip we'll spend a lot of time in the Teutonic world, but Salzburg seems like it will be the best opportunity for that large urban beer garden experience? Anyone have some beta on the beer gardens?

Thank you!

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We just went to the Augustiner Beer garden is Salzburg- One nice walk is to go up to the Fortress and walk the [small] scenic mountain top to the beer garden [30 minutes], or do the urban walk along the river, and/or use a very reasonably-priced taxi.
Have fun!

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Turns out we are staying 1.5 blocks from the entrance! Perfect thanks 👍

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This was 30 years ago, and I don't know if I'll be able to find the name of it. But we ran across a Biergarten during a long walk, maybe above the river (?), but walking distance of the cemetery where the U.S. military governor is buried.

Anyway, I liked that the building had a "Wiederaufbauen ... " plaque, regarding war damage. As we walked through the indoor foyer, we entered a not-so-huge, maybe 40' by 80' walled garden, where we had a little beer and a little hot food. There were Babushkas (sorry, I guess that's Omas) carving radishes or turnips into curlicue sculptures. i had the distinct feeling they were like guitar players in restaurants in Spain, because I had to pay them directly.

However, by the next day I was sick as a dog. My feeling was their raw food and un-gloved hands had to be the culprits. My wife didn't eat the radishes and didn't get sick. Just guessing though. It still counts as a "Rick Steves Moment."

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Though Augustiner Brau is tops, Die Weisse also has a nice beer garden. If you enjoy weisse beer then this is the place.

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yes DIE WEISSE, Rupertgasse 10, on the east side of the river, in a residential neighborhood. Went thre for the food actually. It is ranked in the top 10 for restaurants in Salzburg. It was at night and fairly cool in October. Most people ate inside. It was pretty good and so was the beer. Actually I just mentioned DIE WEISSE to a relatiive as a restaurant. Augustiner has your beer pub type food so if you want food and beer, I would say DIE WEISSE.