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Any comments on Maria's Bicycle Tour in Salzburg?

I will be in Austria for a while with my wife and sister in late Sep/early Oct. Salzburg is on the list because it has been about 8 years since my wife has visited and my sister has never been and she is a Sound of Music fan. I dread having to take a bus tour and Maria's seems to offer a nice alternative. Any former customers to give their opinions?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi..I loved it! Great way to see Salzburg..lots of insider "secrets" Our guide was wonderful..took a colleague who is 20 years younger who thought it was great! Gives you the "lay of the land" for further exploration! Have been to this lovely city several times and finally did this..would actually do it again! Have fun!

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My husband and I did it in 2019. My husband never saw The Sound of Music, and was not the least bit interested in seeing the “sights,” but it was a great way to see the city, and then get out into the countryside. We had a family group of a mom, grandmom, 3 kids; and also several couples. Everyone seemed happy—those who wanted a “Sound of Music” experience, and those just out the for the experience. One of the last things we did was to stop by a large field with mountains in the background. The tour guide had speakers and played “The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music” and invited anyone who was so inclined to have their Maria moment, and dance and leap around the field. (My husband took my picture.). The hardest part was riding/walking bikes up past the Hohensalzburg Castle, but soon thereafter, we were at the convent where Maria had lived. It was well-paced for all abilities.
To us, it seem preferable to riding in a bus.

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If you decide against the bike tour and don’t want a big bus tour, there is an alternative. We went on Bob’s Special Tours Sound of Music tour. It was a minibus and it consisted of the driver/tour guide and 6 passengers. It was intimate, fun and informative. We learned about the fact vs. fiction in the movie and saw things much further away than a bike tour could take you. We went to the wedding church in Mondsee for example. You can learn more from their website.

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To add to Andrea's suggestion, Bob's also has an all-day Sound of Music + Hallstatt tour which gives views of lakes and the scenic town of Hallstatt. 8-passenger van.

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Thanks for all the input. I've been to nearly all the sites myself but my companions have not. Spending a few hours on a bike seems like a better way to spend a morning. While I know that the buses provide a different experience I think we are going to opt for the exercise and fresh air. Thanks again!

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We did this tour with our teenage children five years ago and it might have been the highlight of our 16 day trip through Central Europe. The tour hits many of the famous locations of The Sound of Music and even if you aren’t interested in the movie it is a wonderful way to see beautiful Salzburg. Strongly recommend!