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Air BnB Count as hotel?!

Even though I am reading daily the updates about Vienna, I still am a bit confused. We are moving forward with our trip to Vienna, where we fly in December 14-21. Our Airbnb hostess says all will be well and come on. But I am reading on the Vienna regulations site that hotels are closed to tourists in Vienna until December 20. Are Air BnBs regulated differently than a hotel? I'd love any clarification someone may have. Thank you so much!

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Air BnB have typically not been regulation like hotels. In some countries that has changed and they are regulated including paying taxes and registering guests. I don't know the situation in Venna.

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I’d like to know this too. The one place I’m most concerned about is where we have an Airbnb.

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I reached out to a few Airbnbs in Vienna, and though I don't know about Airbnb laws in Vienna, the answers I got seemed to depend on the property owner in question. Some of them spoke of the mandated hotel rules "aka hotels closed to non-business visitors until the 20th" and said they would require a written attestation that I was a business traveler. Other owners were basically like, "If the Airbnb website lets you book, then it's fine by us." So take that as you will regarding your own decision.

My husband and I are still debating whether to continue our trip to Austria on the 18th because we are worried about what last minute decisions will happen once we're there and affect our trip. But if we did go, we would have to find alternate accommodations on the evenings of the 18th and 19th. A friend in Vienna told us that if we stayed outside the Vienna limits that hotels would house us as soon as December 13. Of course, you would have to take the train into the city at that point, but the rides aren't long. So if you feel really uncomfortable by staying with your current Airbnb, maybe try contacting hotels/airbnbs outside of Vienna!

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Every Airbnb host has to register with the City of Vienna, just for paying the local tourist tax (3%).

There are no specific rules for Airbnb regarding the lockdown, but my best guess is that hosts who run this as a listed commercial business would be subject to the Corona rules, whereas private landlords would do what they see fit.

In either case it is my assumption that Airbnb hosts will be glad to accommodate guests, no matter what the rules say.