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Accommodations in Krems?

Hi Everyone. Husband and I are planning to spend one night in Krems in May this year (as part of a 2 weeks trip covering Switzerland, Germany, and Austria). Last time Hubby was there was many years ago, but he stayed at the Schwarzes Rossl hotel. Anyone know if it's still there and good service and price? Any other recommendations for Krems?

Thank you!!

Edit to post 1/23/18: I'd love feedback from someone who has been there in the last few years. I bought the Rick Steve's guidebook for the area, but it focuses mostly on Vienna and Salzburg. There's not a lot of information about surrounding villages as far as accommodations and places to eat.

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They must still be there, as they have an active website, which you can find if you google Schwarzes Rossl Krems. The website will have price, available services and photo information.

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Why Krems? Why not one of the lovely villages in the nearby Wachau Valley instead?

As a note, this B&B has a tectonic Trip Advisor as well.

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Hi Emily, We plan to visit the other villages during that day, but husband wants to stay in Krems. He taught English at a school there for a year when he was just out of college and wants to wander down memory lane. I've never been to Europe so I'm happy to see anything!


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That makes total sense then! Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

In May the apricot blossoms may still be in bloom if you are there early in the month. I really enjoy having an apricot dumpling from the terrace of the Richard Lionhart Hotel in Durnstein. We also really enjoy the views from Burgruine Aggstein. The better and more local places on are the south side of the river, but Spitz is also know for its wines and food. I would recommend having a car, but the WL1 and WL2 buses, which depart from the Krems train station are also a good resource.