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I used to go into great detail when planning trips. And I also would spend a lot of time looking for restaurants. When we'd get there, either the menu would be unappetizing or the restaurant would be more expensive than we wanted to pay.

Now, we just roll with the flow when it comes to restaurants. On our last trip to Berlin, we found deli's, American fast food and Vietnamese food to be everywheret. We went to Dresden and easily found authentic German food and brewery owned restaurants. But the busiest restaurant we saw was a KFC.

I still find it strange to go into a Chinese restaurant and find the service staff speaking German--or French.

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David, when I travel I make a personalized Google maps pinpointing dozens of restaurants all over the city I’m visiting. I color code as well. That way when I’m in the city, I know I can find a restaurant nearby that has made its way onto my radar. I hate to wander aimlessly for an appealing restaurant.

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Emily, I carefully used Google Maps to mark restaurants this year, basically using your system. However, once is France, I reverted to David's system. I ate at none of the restaurants I marked and several of the walk-by's were disappointing. Lesson learned.

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I’m hoping we can make it to several of these restaurants during our 3 week visit this summer. Thanks Emily for sharing such valuable resources!

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Thanks Emily for sharing that mouth-watering list of Vienna dining venues. The desserts in the photo from Restaurant Dast look ausgezeichnet.
Happy New Year!

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This comes down to dining style, I just look around when it's time to eat and pick somewhere. My life somehow goes on.

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This comes down to dining style. I just look around when it's time to eat and pick somewhere.

I hear ya', but when I'm in Vienna I like to seek out the Palmenhaus for a cocktail or 2 and likely dinner OR Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper because I like the white tablecloths and the service in copper pots PLUS they have a real nice wine list.