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9/13/17 Weds AM Train from Salzburg to Vienna


Will be traveling one way from Salzburg to Vienna for the above date and approximate time( maybe 12pm-1pm) time slot,2 people with some luggage.Is it suggested to buy an advanced seat reserved ticket for this journey? and if so can someone please provide the web link.Thank You.

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If you book ahead at, you can get a discounted fare but will be tied to a particular train departure. If you buy tickets at the last minute, full fare is about $60 per person. That site has recently not been easy for US credit card approval. is a popular, competing rail operator on this route that's usually both cheaper and easier to book

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Use Westbahn, buy your ticket on the train. One train every hour. Free wifi.

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If I buy Westbahn tix ,you are suggesting no need to buy in advance and board the train and buy on the train from the conductor?
If I am traveling between the hours of 10am and 1pm which I would think is between rush hour i would have no problem getting a seat. so If I buy Westbahn in advance is there much if any of a discount as Laura has suggested doing on the other line? Thank you.