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50th wedding anniversary in Vienna, 2022

As you may have already guessed we are an elderly couple, well she is while I on the other hand is a young 67 yrs. I would like to surprise her with a trip to Vienna in February. We were married in the 5th.
We are not wealthy but are comfortable. I have never booked travel other than through my emp!oyers, I am very well traveled and have visited many countries for work. She has no experience I travel outside the US.
Where to start. I want to have affair and hotels/car covered As well as help in setting up a co concert or dinner where I can waltz with her. Help!!

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You might want to start by getting a good travel guide, like Rick Steves' guides. They're in all book stores and in most libraries. Wikipedia is another great source of general information. Decide exactly where you want to go.
Most choose to travel within cities on public transportation. From city to city, you can make do on trains.
We've been traveling to Vienna from time to time for many years. We always stay at K&T Boardinghouse because if it's good enough for Rick Steves, it's good enough for us. And it's inexpensive too. The metro station is 50' across the street, and it's just 2 stops and 5 minutes from the most popular tourist stops downtown. See KTBoardinghouse.AT
As far as going to Vienna early February. We find much of Western Europe to be more enjoyable when visited in April or May. Average February temperatures there are 41 degrees F in the daytime and 30 degrees F at night.

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For a special hotel, we stayed at the Hotel Stephensplatz which is located next to the beautiful St. Stephens Cathedral. Be sure to tell them it’s your 50th anniversary when you book reservations.

Another lovely town that you could include in your trip is Salzburg.

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Auto correct did you in. It changed air fare to affair which is quite humorous in light of the topic😀.

I think this sounds like a lovely trip for you and your wife. Do you have to wait until 2022? I’m a big believer in go while you can. One never knows what the future may hold.

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Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. Many of our friends are celebrating their 50th these days; my husband and I probably won’t make it there as we got married in our 50’s. He says he doesn’t want to live to be 100.

February is a great time to go, especially if you have an interest in a waltz. February is the height of the Viennese Ball season, and many are open to all. Here is a list of some:

This article purports to tell you what you need to know, but it is mainly about the dress code:

Google and you can find lots more articles and information. There must be places in Vienna to rent the proper attire: black tie for you, floor-length gown for her; white gloves for both. (If she is petite I have an ivory satin gown I would gladly give her; I have no further use for it but hate to just take it to a thrift shop.).

I cannot make any hotel recommendations, as the week we spent in Vienna was on a home exchange, so we had a small apartment for free. We were there in September and really enjoyed the city and its wealth of museums,, art, and music.

You do not need a car (or want one in the city). If you contemplate touring outside of Vienna you might, but keep in mind that it would be winter driving. The cities like Salzburg, Munich, etc. are easily reached by train. Consider Ljubljana if you need more ideas.

Lots of options for flying to Vienna, depending on where you live. Airfare should not be bad for February travel. You can ask for specific recommendations and tips on getting a good fare here in this forum. Do you by any chance have an miles you accrued in your business travel that could be used?

Does she have a passport?

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Lola, how nice of you to offer her your dress! And thank you for all the information. Now I want to go to Vienna during ball season!

In college I spent a quarter in Vienna and loved it, but it wasn't ball season. My brother was there during ball season and got to attend (and open) a ball. The exchange students brought the tradition back, and my college now has a Viennese Ball every February, which we've attended several times ... but it would be fantastic to go to a real Viennese Ball. Thank you for the page with links to the balls that are open to non-guild members.

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Congratulations on your upcoming 50th wedding anniversary. We celebrated our 50th in Central Europe a few months ago (Budapest, Vienna, Cesky Krumlov, & Prague). We spent 5 nights in Vienna at Hotel Austria. It was centrally located to great restaurants and major sites. I would gladly recommend this hotel. Hope you find the setting where you can enjoy a Vienna waltz!

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We just came back from Vienna to celebrate our 25th and had an amazing time.

We loved our hotel and would highly recommend. Hotel Trend Astoria is a smaller and older hotel in a wonderful neighborhood with good access to restaurants and walkable things to do and see. They have a wonderful spread for breakfast and because it is a smaller hotel they will assist you in the logistics of getting to where you need to go.

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I think it is too early to make plans for 2022. A lot of things may have changed until then.
I would start specific planning in mid 2021, which is still 1½ years away.

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It never hurts to start early and get some ideas to explore.

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This is such a sweet plan! I visit Vienna every year and stay at the Hollmann Beletage - central location, very warm and helpful staff, spacious and well-designed rooms, and delicious breakfast. It’s not cheap but also not hugely expensive.