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50 minutes stopover in Innsbruck

I have 1 hour stopover in Innsbruck train station
8:37- 9:30 a.m. approx on 29/05, Friday. So which places can I visit close to the station and also arrive 10 minutes before a connection @ 9:44 a.m.

Is it possible to visit any tourist attraction and are they worth visiting with children. Are there any entrance fees to visit them?

"Goldenes Dachl"
"Schwarzen Mander" at the Hofkirche,
the Hofburg
Schloss Ambras with maybe a cable car to "Seegrube

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I sometimes wonder if people are kidding. 50 minutes and you think about a cable car or a castle out of town? Be serious.

Provided you have no luggage, walking (a brisk walk) to the center, having a look to Goldenes Dachl from below and walking back to the station would need 40 of your 50 minutes. Hofkirche (that is a museum and need tickets) opens at 9am and looks already out of your time window.

All considered, I would spend the 50 minutes having breakfast somewhere around the station.

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Thanks for the reply. You made me smile mate.

What happened was while looking for answers on one sight, I found the above and I simply pasted the complete answer in my question.
The reason to ask here is, this forum has provided me with the best practical advice which I can trust will be very helpful.

In brief, I have yet to find an active travel community where people have responded very quickly and I am lucky to have found it before my travel.
For my Innsbruck trip, I welcome your suggestion. I will walk to the golden roof and finish breakfast on the way back.

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Don't get your hopes up about the shiny roof. I was seriously underwhelmed.


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Its OK to ask for information. To err is human..

Anyways, thanks for your reply. I must try for crispy breakfast croissants and coffee instead of the hopes of shiny roof.

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Do you know what I would do in your shoes? I would have a coffee at the station, than I would walk to the shopping mall Sillpark (about 5 minutes, on the right exiting the station, right under the railway tracks and you see it in front of you), that opens at 9am. At the second floor on the right there is the Dorotheum jewelry and pawn shop. The jewelry is as good as any one, what is interesting is that small items that were not redeemed at the pawn shop are not auctioned but put on direct sale. It is often possible to find vintage pieces like golden brooches in the 100-200 euro price bracket, in a variety of Austrian designs from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Being a pawn shop you can never tell what the selection will be but a visit is often interesting. Look for "Einzelstücken aus Privatbesitz".

The Golden roof is only moderately interesting. What you get is a walk around the old city center, that is very compact around the Golden roof - for example, the stuccoed home just in front of it is much more beautiful. But a meaningful visit would need at least a 3-4 hours time window. The zone between the station and the historic center is not interesting. The Marie-Theresien-Strasse with baroque palaces on the background of mountains is quite scenic.