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5 Hours in Innsbruck 4:30am to 9:30am -- What do I do?

Hey, as happens to so many of us, I have a weird train layover in Innsbruck on my way from Hallstatt to Venice. Has anyone else had this? Is there any place that will be open from 4:30am to 9:30am, or will a little cafe be open in the train station? I'm thinking this may suck a little, but I have to do it to keep the rest of my itinerary on-track. Thanks!

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I don't know what service the "lounge" has, but it opens at 5:45 M-F and 6:15 weekends.

(The lounge might only be for 1st class ticket holders.)

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How on earth did you pick that routing? What is your travel date?
The best way I see is to leave 7:31 am, a couple of connections at Stainach-Irdning and Bischofshofen to Villach, then a bus to Venice. Its almost 9 hours, but sane.

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Sam, there is a night train from Vienna to Zürich (EN 466) that stops in Innsbruck from 4:23 to 4:31. Earlier, at 23:38, it stopped in Attnang-Puchheim. That's not, IMO, a very good use of a night train.

The EC from Munich to Bologna via Verona stops in Innsbruck from 9:23 to 9:27, but it doesn't go directly to Venice. There's a change in Verona.

I tnink she (?) would be far better off getting off EN 466 in Salzburg and waiting until 1:30 and the direct night train (EN 237) to Venice.

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So how did the 42 hour train ride go, with the 5 hour layover in Bulgaria (prior thread)?

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There is a supermarket in the train station which appears to open at 6AM. If I recall correctly, they offer some prepared food. There was also a fast food restaurant of some sort last time I was there, but I do not recall its name. Once it is light out, I would go out and walk around. The old town is not too far. You can see the Goldenes Dachl and maybe visit the farmers' market nearby. It seems to open at 7, though not on Sundays.

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You can grab a beer at the Bögen :) (area where the students drink all night) but seriously...

The Baguette and MPreis open at the Bahnhof between 6-7 and they sell some stuff. Many cafes will open at 6:30, but youll have to walk a bit to get to them, there isnt much in immediate vicinity of the Bahnhof.

Some cafes I know about open early in walking distance

<10min walk, they open at 630. (small Austrian cafe with v good coffee)
nearby opens at 730 ( a little italian cafe)
opens at 630, near city center, less than 10min walk (wonderful building but horrible coffee ;)

Oh I forgot about the Strudel Cafe, Kröll, opens at 6/630, in the Altstadt

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Usually as early as May it's day light by 0445 or thereabouts. Arriving this early, I've done it but rarely. That was only in Germany crossing from France. In the past when I was in that situation arriving prior to 0500 at a train station, I found the vendors open for business at 0500 then. If you're there by 0430 then go to the waiting room. If this were in Germany, you could have breakfast starting at 0600 at a hotel nearby without being a guest.

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DB and OEBB both say that EN 237 (direct to Venice) runs daily and stops in Attnang-Pucheim at 23:38. I had a few weird searches that did not turn it up, but it otherwise looks like a pretty sure thing. Confirm in the Vienna train station.