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5 days end of October or beginning of November


I am having a business trip at end of October 2020 and will be in Vienna for 5 days, want to take another 5 days for vacation with my wife and 2 year old son, would I do that before or after my business trip, which to visit preferably other than vienna

Thanks 😊

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Dr. Mostafa - You can do the vacation after your business affairs in Vienna so you don't have to think about business. You can take time to visit the Wachau valley and take a Danube cruise to Melk and visit its abbey. Salzburg is another location to consider where there are many attractions to see such as the house Motzart was raised in.

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When I add personal travel to a business trip, I add the personal travel AFTER my work is completed.

So many nice places to see. But I think a Danube cruise is a good idea. You will see more places and its very relaxing not to have to pack your suitcases all the time.

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Rjean and Continental

Thanks for your reply, my 1ry concern about the weather, and 2nd one is for hotels, amusements to be not available in in November

So Danube and Salzburg

Which is more suitable and easier by transportation

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Sorry to break it to you all, but the cruises won’t operate in November.

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What would you recommend Emily as an alternative to the cruises in November since you live in Vienna ?