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48 hours in Salzburg Hallien Salt Mine Tour, Hanger-7 & Private guide

We have a short strip planned to Salzburg the week of April 7; just two nights. My husband has no interest in the SOM sights, but we do want to see the main sights in the city. We often engage a private guide for an orientation tour. I've read Rick's book, but would like any advice/recommendations for a guide. Is a few hour walking tour adequate to see the high points?
My husband is interested in the Salt Mines and Hanger-7. It looks like we can buy a ticket at the Salzburg train station (Salz Erlebnis) for the Salt Mine trip. Can anyone tell me how long the round trip and tours should take? Do we need to buy the tickets the day before, or just on the day of the tour?

Hanger-7 looks pretty straightforward. Any tips re: it? Should we plan on eating there, or just visiting?
I'd appreciate any must-see, must-visit spots in Salzburg, We're in our mid-50's and interested in sports and history and quirky things about a town (hence Hanger-7). Also, any Salzburg-specific shopping we can't miss?

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we visited the Hanger 7 and just turned up. it was free to get in. we had our own car so getting there was not a problem. it is an impressive set up. it did not take long to look around. if you go make sure you check out the toilets ( down stairs) people told us to do the same and it was worth it.
I believe you can eat there , but we didn't, so can't comment.

we walked the town using the rick steves walking tour app on our phone. also we just wandered through the nice interconnected streets, of the old town, with all their quaintness and overhanging front signs. we would have liked to have had more time.