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3 FULL days Itinerary for Innsbruck feedback and suggestion?

Will be going to Europe for a few weeks and there will be 4 nights that we will be in Innsbruck but I am not sure which one is better that goes with the flow

We will get the 72 hours travel card which fits perfect the bill since we have 3 FULL days to do. We are more into scenic, small towns, photo takings, cable car, snow, hiking etc and NOT into museums at all

I see in the inclusions for the card which we are interested are mainly:

  • Nordkette cable car
  • Patscherkofel cable car
  • Muttereralm cable car
  • Axamer Lizum cable car
  • Hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus The Sightseer
  • Aplen Zoo
  • Staddtturm
  • Bergisel Ski Jump

Obviously, I feel we can't go for all cable car given maybe it is repeated or may be a bit far and we are happy to take one or couple out upon your suggestion. I mean those places, we are not going to ski but rather photo taking, maybe a bit of hiking as well etc

  • 17th March

Arrive late in Innsbruck and sleep overnight

  • 18th March - 20th March

Purchase 72 hours Innsbruck travel card

Day 1: Staddtturm, walk around the city, Alpenzoo, Nordkette, maybe night tobogganing?
Day 2: (early morning) Swarovski Crystal worlds, Bergisel Ski Jump, hop on/hop off bus, relax, walk in town/shops
Day 3: Patscherkofel cable car, Muttereralm cable car, Axamer Lizum cable car (I think I may be unrealistic for day 3, I am lost in here, so please feel free to scribble and change it!)

We are not sure if the orders above are correct for Innsbruck and if you can see if these above are OK or feel free to swap in orders or add any suggestions

  • 21st March

PS: Also, as we will be out of Innsbruck, we will check out and head to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. I know on this day, is rushed but as we don't have time so that's the only day we can do, I would be appreciated if you can let me know this is doable.
7:17am - Take train and head to Füssen station & arrive at 11:55am.
Take bus to Neuschwanstein Castle. We don't plan to join tour as we just want to see the outside and take some photos.
3:30pm - Assuming we only require 3 hours, if we finish early, we might walk around in Fussen town for a couple of hours?
5pm - Take train and head to Stuttgart.

We will most likely to take 5:05pm train (arrive 8:45pm)
7:05pm (arrive 11pm)
O/n in Stuttgart x 2 nights

Thanks in advance!

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We spent a couple of full days in Innsbruck itself. Mainly the old town and river area, up to the zoo. No cable cars that I remember, though there was a steep tram up to our lodgings.

I've never fancied Swarovski. Schloss Ambras is just up the hill and well worth visiting. Hall in Tirol is a delightful little place, you can combine it with a visit to Tratzberg Palace - this is in a nice spot and has some warmly decorated rooms.

Only you can make the Neuschwanstein decision, whether or not you feel the diversion is worth it just for the sake of a few photos.

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If the half-day bike rental is still included, I would suggest that. Easy and fun ride to Hall in Tirol. Also, Igls is a nice ride as well.

I'm uncertain how you intend to navigate to 3 different cable cars in a single day. Each requires bus travel from Innsbruck to the site, then back to Innsbruck. If you are certain this is how you want to spend the day, I'd suggest trimming one out. Axamer is probably the most remote of the three.

Personally, I found the Swarovski to be the least interesting part of the greater Innsbruck area. But to each their own.

One more thing - I'd recommend that if Füssen is too much of a challenge that you take the slow train to G-P, then catch the local to Zugspitze. Fantastic views and a new cable car just installed. Then it is an easy train ride to Stuttgart. I only say this because the castles really require interior tours, especially Höhenschwangau.

Have a great trip!

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That’s a lot. I’d add Schloss Ambras and the Hofkirche. Plus an evening in Hallon Tirol and dinner at the Burg Taverne there.

I (we, wife and I) thought Swarovski was a waste of our time.

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It is a pity you are not into museums, the Innsbruck ones are not the kind that overcrowds your brain. You could well spend half an hour having a look to the recently renovated Hofburg that is a small version of the Vienna one with a large spectacular hall. Also the Ambras castle could be worth part of your time, maybe skipping the arms and portrait sections, but the setting of the castle in a garden and the Spanish Hall are very nice (nicer than Neuschwanstein, as this is a true royal castle and N. a fake one).

IMHO there are too many cable cars. The Nordkette is the most spectacular one and the Patscherkofel is on the mountain fronting the Nordkette, Axamer Lizum is a bit too distant for your time frame.

Visiting Neuschwanstein from Innsbruck is relatively easy with a car, much more difficult with public transportation as you need a combination of slow trains and buses - be sure you understand your supposed itinerary or you risk being stranded in the middle of nowhere. While Neuschwanstein has definitely a wow factor, once you factor the time needed to reach it and the time it takes to visit (the visit is very short but the wait may be long, check carefully the rules), you may be excused if you find it too much a trouble.

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A bike ride, as suggested above, would be very brisk as it is wintertime. Hiking also will be challenging as, again, it is wintertime.

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We have only visited Innsbruck (twice) during Christmas season so the markets were a focal point. Took the Nordkette for the views last trip -- nice photos from the top! Mostly we walked, saw the buildings and museums. For us, the card would have been overkill.

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Hi folks,

First of all, I would like to say thank you for the feedback and suggestion

In regards to Swarovski crystal world, I did hear that there are saying that it is not worth going and waste of time etc for but my wife is a SUPER Swarovski fans so regardless, she will want to go for once in her lifetime which I think is fair enough or otherwise we would have skipped as people suggested. We would love to go for Xmas market but unfortunately we came at the wrong time/season, so I am sure there is another chance

I didn't know that its quite a long way for the cable cars or otherwise we will just do a couple will be fine
We just love taking cable car up for the views, and hanging around and then back to town but if the distance is quite far and not convenient, we rather give up given of time restraint

As lachera suggested, perhaps she is right that we should go for at least a couple of museum because I do realised that for our Europe trip, we didn't include any of the museum at all and at the same time, my wife thought, why not take advantage and go 1 or 2 since we have the travel card so I guess you are right about that too

And yeah, we are aware of the time travelling to Neuschwanstein Castle and we are prepared for the risk and time, so we are happy to travel all day even though just for staying for a few hours because we are going to Stuttgart along the way from Innsbruck anyways, so I think its alright, its just we need to be prepared a bit of travelling and luckily Fussen train station have locker that we can put or otherwise, it would be even more hard for us dragging the luggage in Neuschwanstein

We would like to go tobogganing and we have done that in daytime before in Switzerland and I see that there is one tobogganing
doing at night. If so, which one would you recommend to do it nearby Innsbruck and then back again (since we are staying near Innsbruck train station)??

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The view from the top of the Nordkette (Hakfelekar summit, 15 minutes walk from the second cable car) is breathtaking, if the weather permits, though. You should build some flexibility in your schedule to adjust to the weather, i.e. going up the Nordkette on a clear, sunny day if possible.

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Hi. I can see wanting to go to Swarovski if you like their products, but after reading reviews, I chose to visit instead the large Swarovski store (flagship store?) in the Old City part of Innsbruck. That filled the need for me.

Someone else mentioned Hall in Tirol. I have not yet visited, but it is on my list for next time. Maybe consider this instead of some of the cable cars? May be good to have an option depending on weather.

Enjoy. Debbie

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Interesting, I have heard a few people recommending to go Hall in Tirol on the forum somewhere a while ago. At first I misunderstood that it was Hallstatt (which we added to that anyways for 1 night) until I just realise that they are 2 total different city since I just researched the name again
Looks very beautiful and even better, Innsbruck travel pass provides this free transportation, hehe
I wonder what Innsbruck pass includes attraction for Hall In Tirol.

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There are not really any "attractions" in HiT, just a really nice old town. It's a great place to cruise out to for a walk-around, stay for lunch then back to Innsbruck.