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3 days in Vienna tips/essentials


Essentials and tips for visitng Vienna?? We will be there for 3 days, I am under 18 and she is 18 (I don't know if that impairs the ability to go to bars [if it does please dont suggest!1]) My dad says that 3 days is too much in Vienna?? But I think we will be ok?

Thank you!!

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You're dad is wrong. :) There is SO MUCH to do in Vienna, far more than you'd realize. I hope you like art and live music, because Vienna is full of it. If it were me, I would be sure to see the following...

  • Kunst Museum- one of the best art museums in the world; you could spend a whole day here -Albertina Museum- converted mansion with excellent permanent exhibits as well as traveling exhibits
    • Sisi Apartment Tour
    • Belevedere- world class art Klimt collection
    • Opera House- Take a tour, and if you there's a performance, get tickets. They're surprisingly reasonable in price.
    • Live music- classical music is everywhere...
    • Cafe experience- grab a coffee and a torte from any of the long standing cafe's around the city. Don't forget to try all the cakes and sweets
    • St. Stephen's Cathedral - beautiful and historic

We took Rick's Austria book with us and it hits all the highlights. You should definitely purchase it, if you haven't already. We spent 6 nights in Vienna in the winter and can't wait to go back. It's a beautiful city. We were impressed with the food as well. It was delicious and reasonably priced. Have a blast!

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Three weeks are not enough for Vienna. :-)

As you are under 18, you are not allowed to drive a car, about the rest (smoking, alcohol, sex) the laws are liberal.

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What are you interested in? Art, history, landscapes?

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I hear the same from some people, that it's only worth a couple days. But others love it and say it's one of their favorite cities. Guess that goes to show we're all different.

I did hear that you have to do a tour of the Opera house.

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This is our fourth trip to Vienna in five years, so we have been here WAY more than three days. Rick Steves points out that there are many free concerts given in churches -- although they do ask for donations, and stand by the exits with donation baskets. Beautiful music in beautiful surroundings AND no prepurchased tickets. (Attended one today -- just walked in to see the church and found the music.)
Also, in the summer there are giant-screen free telecasts of symphony/opera in the parks for picnicking.

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My first time in Vienna I was a few years older at 21, spent almost a week there. Is a three day visit long enough, certainly not. I suppose you'll be staying at a hostel, no more three consecutive day limits in hostels anymore was the case with HI hostels. There you'll meet guests your own age, etc. Vienna has both HI hostels and private, independent ones.

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As the old adage says, "Bern [in Switzerland] is twice as big as the Vienna cemetery, but only half as fun".

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I spent 6 days in Vienna, with a day trip to Salzburg and another to the Wachau valley and Melk Abbey, and had no trouble filling my time. I enjoyed it so much I'll be back in April for another 3 days. My main focus the first time was mainly about the sites featured in my favorite movie, The Third Man. I also made a point to be there on a Saturday to visit the Flohmarkt (flea market), which is part of the Naschmarkt and fun if you enjoy funky old foreign things like I do.

To me, Vienna is right up there with Paris when it comes to a multitude of great museums, so if you enjoy art, particularly of the Secession era, don't miss the Leopold & Belvedere. This trip I'll be going to the Kunsthistoriches and possibly the Military museum, along with re-visiting the Leopold. You might also enjoy a visit to the Prater and a ride on the Riesenrad.

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Lachera , That was a new one for me , I'm still smiling ! For a wonderful overview of Vienna , this documentary is well worth ninety minutes of one's time and is a must see for anyone planning a visit . I am headed back this Autumn for two more weeks , I can't stay away .

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Lachera , Another famous quip just came to mind - " The Austrians are brilliant people , They made the world believe that Hitler was a German , and Beethoven , an Austrian " - Billy Wilder

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The Military/Army Museum is free on the first Sunday of the month.

Another German from the same area as Beethoven who became famous (depending on where one stands ideologically) as an Austrian serving the House of Habsburg is Metternich.

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I would also agree that your Dad is not correct in his assessment that three days is too much. I've had four trips and always stayed in Vienna for at least 7 days each time.