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23 days by car in central Europe

I am going to fly from Miami to Berlin. Start here to drive and return to the same point. This are the cities and towns I would like to stay
overnight, 2 nights in Berlin, 1 in Poznan, 2 wroclaw,2 in Cesky Krumlov, 3 Vocklabruck to go to Halsttat, 2 Innsbruck or Hall, 3 Mittenwald,3 Nuremberg or Bamberg ,2 Lubeck and 2 Berlin. Do I should change my itinerary for better one
I have one night left, please advice between Wroclaw and Cesky Krumlov
I had been already in Warsaw,Krakov, Pague, Vienna, Salzburg, Romantic Road in Germany , Dresden and Munich

Please, give any better Idea, thanks


I will be traveling in April 2015

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Angela your itinerary is very ambitious and you want to drive. Mine would be different and also I would do most of my travel by train. I assume you did your homework and have some reason to see these towns. Just realize that you will spend a lot of time behind the wheel. A lot of your driving would be on 2 lanes highways going through towns and villages where only 50 km/h is allowed, also a lot of slow trucks and tractors difficult to pass because of heavy traffic. The same distance in USA I usually can do in half time what it takes in Europe. Be sure when you rent a car in Berlin that you can take it through the mentioned countries, ask about freeway stickers, have international drivers permit, know international traffic signs. Cesky Krumlov is a small very picturesque town. Because you will be there up to three nights and have a car I will suggest what else you can see nearby. Ceske Budejovice (german name Budweis). Yes, the original Budweiser is brewed there (by the way much better than the one from St.Louis). You can do a tour with tasting there. In that case go there by public transportation from C.K. There is a zero tolerance of alcohol for drivers in the Czech Republic. See the town, it's quite bigger than C.K. with a historical center and nice large square. Very close to C.B. is chateau Hluboka certainly worth seeing. Nearby is also traditional south-bohemian architecture in the village of Holasovice. It is on the UNESCO heritage list. With a car you can also visit Trebon. See Rick Steves book Prague & the Czech Republic. I have been to some of your other places but still don't feel qualified enough to give advices on them.

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Too much road time, not enough play time for my taste. The only other comment, is one night is plenty in Cesky Krumlov (and I love the place but its out of proportion with the rest of your trip). Move the extra some place else.

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Angela, full disclosure: I'm not a destination expert having only made two previous trips in the general areas you have ID'ed; but, we do enjoy renting cars when traveling in Europe and follow many of itineraries suggested by the RS Guide Books. So, based upon your previous travels would you consider Budapest as your "turn around point" - a great city (watch a RS video) and much different from Prague, Vienna, etc. Budapest merits at least 2 nights if not longer - we stayed 3 and still felt rushed (our preferences lie towards smaller cities and villages vs. Big City traveling); Budapest however was completely captivating.. Nurenburg has the documentation center (a must see) but not much else; Bamberg is close by and very charming (not as touristy as Rottenburg OT. While you've been to Vienna, I definitlely try a stop in Melk - good details in RS guide book; but, consider a bike ride to Krems and a ferry back. The Mauthausen Camp is about 90 minutes from Melk and was a gripping stop on our trip.
Cesky Krumlov is small but being a beer lover I adored the tour of the UNESCO supported section of the brewery (one day and one night). The RS guidebook pointed us to Trebon, Trebic and Mikulov - my notes have escaped me but one town is a built around a charming square, Trebic has an amazing Jewish Ghetto (not restored but lived in by locals) , and the last town has an impressive Mucha museum (opened long ago before the new Prague Mucha museum).
Wishing you a memorable trip and safe travels.

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That's a VERY ambitious Itinerary and a LOT of driving, especially if you're travelling solo. When travel time between locations is considered, I suspect you're not going to have much time in each of the places you'll be visiting (especially the one and two night stops).

I'd have to give it some further thought, but my initial impression is to reduce the number of places you'll be visiting to allow a more relaxed travel schedule.

Good luck!

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I googled your route. 25 hours of driving over 23 days isn't really that bad. Turn a few of your overnights into afternoon stops and maybe it would be more enjoyable. that way you could spend more time in the larger cities or spend time with activities in the country. As for stopping in Budapest, geee, I would never turn down that opportunity.

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I don't understand staying in Innsbruck and Mittenwald. They are so close together. I would stay in Mittenwald only and make a day trip to Innsbruck.

I also don't understand your choice of Vocklabruck as a base for exploring the Hallstatt area (Salzkammergut/Wolfgangsee area). Why not stay closer to Hallstatt and nearer to the lakes and mountains? St. Wolfgang, Bad Ischl or Hallstatt itself would make more sense.

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After visiting Berlin, you list Poznan as the next place. From there you're heading to Wroclaw. Normally, I would visit Poznan, was only at the train station transferring to Torun. Why are you driving to Poznan from Berlin? Personal reasons or a particular museum/site ? If Poznan is top priority, I would suggest going by train. (make sure your rental car agreement in Germany permits you to drive in Poland).

If you drop Poznan, I would suggest staying a night after Berlin at Cottbus (or Görlitz ) en route to Wroclaw if you want to break up the ride or drive. Cottbus is on the same train route connecting Wroclaw to Berlin. In the past with passport checks, Cottbus was the stop where Polish and German officials came on the trains.