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2 wk Iternary seems reasonable?

I am flying into Vienna Sat morning Sept 30. I am staying for 2wks. I plan on renting car. Flying out of Vienna as well
Since Vienna has a festival at this time.
S,Su,M,T - Vienna night - 30th- Oct 3rd . 4 Nights
W,Th,F - Hallstatt region - Oct 4th - Oct 6th. 3 Nights
Since most of Salzburg music attractions seem best on the weekends:
Salzburg festival seems at end of trip, needed to have flown out from here instead of Vienna
S,Su,M, T? - Salzburg -Oct 7th - Oct 10th 3-4? Nights
11th-13th relax, pool hotel elsewhere and flying back

Also, Hallstatt seems like many small things all over to do - ice cave, Bad Ichsl not too far, Salt Mines, paragliding(maybe/maybe not) That is why I plan 3 nights, though not too far from Salzburg so maybe less?
Hallstatt not quite understanding all the information I am reading on sites. Any information regarding Hallstatt area appreciated.
Salzburg and Vienna are cosmopolitan enough that no worries about figuring what to do, where to go, in these cities.

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