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2 days in salzburg (including day trip to hallstatt and wolfgang)

Hi all,

Planning to visit salzburg (2N), vienna (3N) and munich (3N) in June 2019.

1) We definitely want to go to hallstatt and wolfsgang , is it possible to be done in a day ?

Otherwise, there will be no time to roam around in salzburg itself !

2) Can major salzburg be done in a day ?

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1 yes, if you rent a car, but don't do it. The Gosausee way beats St Wolfgang & shortensthe trip if you take the direct routes..

2 Yes.

Change your itinerary. Salzburg is a second rate sight. Vienna is a first rate sight. Munich is a third rate sight. Shift time from Munich to Vienna.

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Thanks kb1942 :)

What if we give one night of Munich to salzburg and do hallstatt and wolfgang day trips on separate days ?

Both these places look absolutely stunning !

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Your itineary is good but I would take one day from Munich and add it to Salzburg,that will give you the time you need to go to St Wolfgang and Hallstatt.Salzburg can be done in a Day.None of These cities are third rate,get a RS Book on Vienna,Salzburg and Munich.

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I don't know what RS did to my original post, but putting it in a giant font cut most of it out. So I will try to remember what else I said. I have a note I wrote in my Green Guide Asutria for St Wolfgang--" blah". By car, in one day you can do either St Wolfgang & Hallstatt or Hallstatt & Gosausee. I vote for the Gosausee. the Gosausee, just over the mountain to the west of Hallstatt. Hallstatt is a quaint village on the shore of the modestly scenic Hallstattersee (...see means such and such lake in Austrian-- Lake Hallstatt is where Hallstatt h\town is located). There is no village at the Gosausee, but the Michelin Guide flat out states that the Gosausee "is the most impressive lake in Austria" Michelin is wrong. It is the most impressive Alpine lake scene in the world. You have never seen mountain scenery if you have not seen the setting of the Gosausee.

Don't plan too far in advance. You want to hold Salzburg for bad weather. You want good weather for Hallstatt etc.

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Your whole itinerary might make a difference. That is, where you are flying in and out of, where you are before and after, and whether you are counting those travel days or not. Train or auto?

kb1942 -

I don't know what RS did to my original post, but putting it in a giant font cut most of it out.

if you started your post with a non alpha character, like "#" the system will read that as a formatting code.

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Kb1942- thanks mate !

Certainly considering Hallstatt and gosausee now !!
But will keep our options open for the weather conditions as well.
Had read that Austria in June is usually mild and pleasant..

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Hi stan,

Landing at Munich on 4th , 1:40 PM local time from India.

Original plan - Munich till 7th. Leave for vienna on 7th morning.
Leave for salzburg from vienna on 10th morning.
And salsburg to Innsbruck (2N here) on 12th morning.

Flexibility of travel but would prefer a rented cab or private car as my family is also along

Any advices ?

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Hello Arnav147. The Salzkamergut region is the best part of Austria. I recommend : go to a big lake in the Salzkamergut, such as Wolfgang See or Gosausee. Do not stay at Munich more than one day. Innsbruck is not great. Rent a car at Salzburg for you to go to a big lake, plan for three days for going to and being at that lake. On a sunny day, being at one of those big lakes in the Salzkamergut is dreamy : fluffy white clouds and white snow mountain peaks surrounding the big lake. And cool air. I suggest : do not go to Halstatt in this trip.