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2 days/1 night-stay in Berchtesgaden or Salzburg?

We have an overnight couchette train from Italy end of June. We can get off at Salzburg 6:15 am or Munich 8:30am. We fly out of S at 9pm the next day. We want to see Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden and Salzburg. Hiking (easy or moderate) for 2-4 hours would be great. I think the most realistic options are:
1. Get off at S, store bags at hotel, bus 840 to B, then to Eagles Nest look around B then bus back to S, dinner/sleep in S. Day 2-tour S or take bus back to B and hike afor a few hours, bus back to S. Hotel has pool/lockers, so we could freshen up after train and prior to bus 840.
2. Get off in Munich, store bags, walk around M for a few hours, train to B, Eagles Nest late afternoon, dinner/sleep in B. Day 2, Hike for a few hours, bus to S, store bags, tour around S, eat dinner, fly out 9pm.
Option 2 could shortchange S, but we get more options for B and get to see M. Can we walk around S for a few hours on day 2 in the afternoon and feel like we have "seen" S? We do not need to take a Sound of Music tour, etc. Or is the 840 bus no big deal and we shlud just stay in S and then decide on day 2 if we really want to pop back up to B? Vs. staying in B to be able to get an earlier boat at Koningssee.
Active family with 2 teens--which option would you choose (for those who have been to M, S, and/or B).

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Munich, what can I say. I've been there 9 times for 23 nights. I love Munich, even though I generallly do not like cities. However, why go all the way to Munich and then come back to Salzburg/Berchtesgaden. Thirty-nine hours is not that long. I'd stay in the Salzburg/Berchtesgaden area.

As for Salzburg vs Berchtesgaden, I spent a day in Salzburg (day trip from Munich). That was enough for me. I've been to Berchtesgaden three times for eight days. The least time I've spent there was two nights. I'd spend my whole time in Berchtesgaden. There are places to stay in Berchtesgaden.

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Sorry but I am not familiar with the bus and train. Salzburg old city touristic area only and castle can be seen in a rushed half a day. I think the Eagles Nest is overrated and you might have to wait in long lines for the bus to the Eagles Nest spending your time. I would go with Königssee & St. Bartholomä weather permitting for the boat trip and beautiful views in this German National Park (boat further and hike to the Obersee and back taking most of the day). For me old city Berchtesgaden is done in a half day to include a café stop and shopping. It might be worth your time for the short look around in Munich (Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus etc.) if you are never coming back. My opinion...

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Given the circumstances and sightseeing priorities, I'd suggest staying in Salzburg and do a day trip to Berchtesgaden. Staying in Munich would add time & money in getting to what you really want to see.

If your budget can manage it, I'd highly recommend taking one of the Eagle's Nest Tours, as that will provide a much better and more interesting view of the history. In addition to the Eagle's Nest, it would also be good to visit the Obersalzburg area and Documentation Centre. There's an extensive network of tunnels and bunkers in the mountain behind the Documentation Centre, and they're worth a look (IMO).

If you're interested, there's also a Salt Mine in Berchtesgaden that can be toured. THIS company in Salzburg offers tours of that.

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thank you for the replies. Munich was only the end of the line (and being able to sleep/stay on train until 8:30 vs. 6:15 in Salzburg). For M, we would store our bags and have a quick look around before heading to either Berchtesgaden or Salzburg. 6:15 might be too early for our teens. We can decide that morning, OEBB emailed me that we can get off at either stop--we are ticketed thru to Munich.
DD17 and DH are very interested in WWII history and Eagles Nest is a must do for them. We would also like to hike some around Berchtesgaden. We do not necessarily need to go into Mirabella castle--we'll see lots of toher castles on this trip. I read a number of other prior posts--RS groups seem 50/50 on S vs B for spending more time. I have a hotel at both S and B for now, still debating. thanks, Elaine