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Vienna for 2 days

I will be traveling in Europe for 18 days at the end of August and beginning of September. One of our stops will be Vienna for 2 days.

I am currently in the process of planning the whole trip out. Any suggestions on adding a night in one city and taking a night away in another. We have all picked different cities that we would like to see.
Any hotel suggestions???

Vienna Sites: Schonbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, St. Charles Church, St Stephen Cathedral, Imperial Palace (Hofburg Palace), Hoher Markt

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I have re-posted my reply from you "itinerary" thread:

Basically, I think you are trying to do two trips in one. Either do France, Munich and Fussen or Vienna, Prague and Budapest. You almost had me kinda feelin' your itinerary until you dropped the night train bomb - not a good idea as you will be constantly exhausted.

If you do choose to come to Vienna, my first comment is that you are on palace overload. And where does the Hoher Markt come from because it is kind of random - it is just a square you can see in about 5 minutes.

So a Fussen to Vienna trip will take about 7 hours on the train. So I assume that you will arrive late in Vienna, spend the night and then have a day and then leave the next day for the next destination.

With one full day in Vienna, I would suggest that you walk around the first district in the morning, taking in St. Stephan's, the Graben, a coffee shop (Demel's or Central would be my suggestions), walk through (but not in) the Hofburg, see the Rathaus and the Opera from the outside. Take the U4 to Schonbrunn and visit the palace. Have dinner at the Naschmarkt on your way back. I think this is all you have time for.

If you did have more time, I would add the Belvedere and Karlskirche (St. Charles) as they are close together. Vienna really deserves 3 full days, so if you do adjust your schedule I am happy to provide more highlights.

For hotel suggestions, it very much depends on your budget. I like to use for my hotel bookings and read the reviews on trip advisor. Try to stay as close to the center as you can.

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Just one thing: if you visit Prague you don't have to see St. Charles in Vienna. I know it's a famous and important baroque church, but you already see more than enough maybe not so famous and not so important, but equally beautiful baroque churches in Prague. Maybe you could squeeze in one of Viennas great museums (both Budapest and Prague can't offer anything comparable), or the library of the Hofburg.