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Favorite souvenir

I'll be visiting Salzburg next month for a few days.

I'd love to know what is your favorite souvenir/knick-knack/treat that your bought while you were there. It can be something for yourself or maybe something you bought for a friend/family member.

I'll be taking notes! Thanks!

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My answer is photos! I'm sure you'll find too many temptingly cute items. While I've drooled over the high-end "tracht" (traditional) fashions, I've usually settled for a lapel pin or bracelet charm that felt traditional.

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Yodeling marmot. My marmot yodels when its tummy is pushed but you can also get dancing models:
Dancing Marmot:

Seeing my yodeling marmot brigs back fond memories of the Tyrol and the poka bands without having to push the marmot's button.

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First trip to Salzburg was a number of years ago and I had one adorable 2 year old grandson.... went to a department store and came out with tons of unique, European clothes for the little guy. They were also very reasonable.... it might have been something like an H&M which we did not have in the US at the time. He was the envy of all the rest of the little toddlers:)) I don't tend to buy dust collectors, so clothes or linens are usually what I might spend money on.

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Thank you for your replies! I have to admit the yodeling marmot is tempting - to give to my almost 2 year old nephew!


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I purchase a charm from each country I visit. It is small enough to carry and even though gold can be expensive, it is cheaper than buying many dust collectors. when my daughters started traveling, they also purchased a charm and can wear their memories everyday.

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I buy things I could wear.
Scarves. Jewelery. Like the idea of the charms. Sometimes earrings. Dust collectors look cute in the places we visit, but would end up in a box, so I take photos of them.

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I like to get a placemat for our dinner table. They are light and pack easily, and bring back wonderful memories every time we sit down to dinner. My parents used to bring back linen tea towels which are also fun. I have English sheep, scottish flowers, and fighter planes of WWII.

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Salzburg is one of our favorite places. The market there has wonderful handcrafted items. Lace, scarves, placemats, napkins, and table cloths, embroidered items, scarf rings, Christmas ornaments, puppets, carved wood items, jewelry, ... the list is almost endless. And many take up very little luggage space!!!!!

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It wasn't in Austria, but my all time favorite souvenir from an overseas vacation trip was the woman who has been my wife for the last 25 years.