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Salzburg tour guide

I did a search on this, but nothing came up. We will be in Salzburg for 2 days in June (family of 5). We want to go see Berchesgaden, and maybe a salt mine or Hallstadt. I have looked at Bob's Tours, but they don't have a combo of Hallstadt & Berchesgaden, and I don't know if Iwant to spend 8 or 9 hours doing their combo "salt mine/Eagle's Nest" tour. It seems to me if we had a private tour guide we could do both in a shorter amount of time, since they are (I think) in close proximity. The problem is, I cannot find a tour operator other than Bob's. We will not have a car. I even emailed Bob's to ask about a private tour (since they list that on their website as an option), but was told to "look at the website and pick a tour". Did not give me a great feeling about customer service! Apparently in summer they are too busy to do private tours? At 90euro/hour, I would think they would jump at the opportunity.

So what we would like is a tour guide with a van who can take us to see the highlights of the area & on to Berchesgaden. Suggestions? Thanks!

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Jen - a quick google netted a couple of private Salzburg tour guides - I expect a little more googling would result in some reviews of them. Not sure if you've searched Trip Advisor too.