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With all great recommendations have narrowed to Pension Sacher, Pension Suzanne, K& t Boardinghouse. We were also looking ay Pension Tal Studios has anyone ever stayed there. we are four adults and can't decide, someone wants a/c another shower, any thoughts.

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Although it can be oppressively hot in Vienna in the summer, don't count on small hotels/Pensionen having a/c., American style. Or, you might have to pay extra for it, but that situation I've only run across in Paris, which I refused to do.

Where I stay at in the Westbahnhof area, the hotel has no a/c. I don't know about the places listed above, even though they're well known.

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Let me first say that I have never stayed in any of these places, but live in Vienna so can comment on location. Trip Advisor reviews are also a great resource.

Pension Sacher - The location doesn't get any better. In the middle of the middle with all the attractions at your doorstep. Highly rated on Trip Advisor and often recommended there by the experts.

Pension Suzanne - Also in the first district, but on a quieter street. Location is still great and this is another place highly recommended on Trip Advisor.

K&T - Location not the best; you will want to take the subway to get to sights; I am sure it is just fine, but I would go with one of the other two based on location alone.

Pension Tal Studios - Location in the Second District, so very close to the first; in an interesting historically Jewish neighborhood with a good market nearby (Karmelitermarkt). Kind of a hip area of Vienna (if there is such a thing). Reviews on Trip Advisor, though, not so great.

As for staying near Westbahnhof - I would recommend avoiding this area as it is completely devoid of anything beautiful; stay central where you really know that you are in Vienna, surrounded by quaint streets, small squares and charming restaurants (not to mention the majority of the sights).

An A/C isn't really needed in Vienna for about 355 days of the year. You can decide on your odds of being in Vienna during one of those 10 "hot" days (normally during July and August).

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Thanks for the info Emily it is very helpful. I think we are going to stay at Hotel Sacher. some people at work mentioned Hotel City Central and Hotel Stefanie right outside the old town - any thoughts because I want to book this soon and stop driving myself crazy.

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Comfort is a pretty subjective thing. When it comes to the temperature in a hotel room air movement, humidity, thermal heat lag, it all has an impact. I admit that I am spoiled and when traveling in Central Europe in June, July and August I want my US Standard air conditioning. And it just isn't the hotel room. Most indoor spaces (like Restaurants) during in June, July and August in many parts of Europe are remarkable warm during the daylight hours if not all the time.

Here is a guide:

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Maybe you have already made your choice?

I assume you mean Pension Sacher and not Hotel Sacher - big difference.

As for the two new ones you mention, both are on Taborstrasse in the 2nd District. Both convenient to the 1st District, by foot or tram. Both are well reviewed on Trip Advisor. Boils down to personal preference, your read of the reviews and photos combined with cost.