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Vienna concerts

How far in advance do we need to purchase concert tickets for the second weekend in Vienna? Which concert venues are the best?

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What kind of concert? What's "best" doesn't so much depend on the venue, as it does the ensemble, but combing the best of both would probably be the Vienna Philharmonic at the Musikverein. It wouldn't hurt to order in advanced. Particularly if an especially well-known soloist is performing. Also, if your trip takes place in the summer, the Philharmonic is usually either on tour or summer hiatus at this time. If you want to attend the famous New Year's Concert... tickets are very hard to obtain. And of course, the Vienna Phil will be the most expensive concert.

For anything else, unless a particularly famous ensemble is visiting, buying in advanced probably isn't necessary.

It also depends on your level of familiarity with classical music. Expect to hear a lot of Strauss waltzes and Vivaldi's Four Seasons from the many student and semi-professional ensembles. Nothing wrong with that, but if you can whistle the "Blue Danube" in your sleep, you may want to go with the more advanced stuff from the Philharmonic.

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Here is the best calender of events to use:
Simply enter your dates and it will display what is going on at the time.
Forget the ones being sold on the street by the costumed characters, overpriced and ho hum.

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Thanks all! I meant the second weekend in Sept. In Vienna. And I don't want Stauss or the Four Seasons. I will check the schedules. This forum is very helpful.

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My husband and I are also going to Vienna in September to celebrating our anniversary. I will check out the Pension Sacher and Pension Suzanne hotels on tripadvisor and see what they have to say. Thanks for the info

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Maybe someone really familiar with the arts in Vienna; someone who has been to quite a number of concerts in Vienna; can give some advice as how to identify those venues and performances will be mainstream for the local population as opposed to being primarily to serve the tourist industry. When ever I do anything in Europe I want those in whose company I am to be predominately speaking the native language.

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Post your question on the Vienna forum on Trip Advisor. There are several, local music experts who can guide you very well on your choices. Unfortunately, music is not my forte.