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I am planning a trip to central Europe this fall and would like feedback on the itinerary Thanks in advance.

1) Arrive in Prague morning/mid day, settle in unpack
2) Prague
4) Prague
5) Prague
6) train to Ceske Budejovice (frequent trains, 3hrs)
afternoon tour of Cesky Krumlov castle (45 min train ride)
7) train to Salzburg (frequent trains, 4 hrs)
8) Salzburg
9) Salzburg
10) depart to Graz (frequent trains, 4hrs)
11) Graz
12) depart to Vienna (frequent trains, 3 hrs)
13) Vienna
14) Vienna
15) Vienna
16) Vienna
17) depart to Bratislava (frequent trains, 1 hr)
18) Bratislavia
19) depart to Budapest (frequent trains 3 hrs)
20) Budapest
21) Budapest
22) Budapest
23) Budapest (day trip to Szenttendre)
24) depart to NYC

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I would say you are are okay, but maybe cut 2 days from Prague and add them to has much more to offer. Bratislava may just be worth a day trip instead of an overnight. Far better would be to do an overnight in is wonderful at night after the tourists have left.
Here is a great place to stay there:

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Mark, could you please use more helpful subject lines, and a different line for each thread you start? I think I may be speaking as well for others here. Your time is not more valuable than ours! Thank you.

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I think your itinerary is good. Some people may advise you: cut here, add there. I would leave it as it is.

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I could give you my personal bias on how much time to spend in Prague, Vienna and Budapest but it would be best if you did a little research and sort of outline each day base on what you are interested in and what you want to do. You might discover that you are spending too much or too little time in a particular city. I guess the one that I would not enjoy would be the day trip to Cesky Krumlov. You might have noticed in the posts that it can be a little crowded between 11 am and 3 pm when all the day tourists show up. If you arrive in the mid afternoon and spend the night you miss a lot of the tourists and this great town becomes even more memorable. Of course going in the fall helps too. Szentendre is more of an afternoon trip. If you are traveling before the river taxi docks for the winter you can take the commuter train up and the boat back. I love Szentendre and the boat ride and have done it a couple of times. With a whole day you can do a rushed trip to all three of the Bend towns. If you decide you have too much time someplace then look at spending a night in Gyor and seeing the archabbey at Pannonhalma. I enjoyed it more than Melk, or at least ins a different way than Melk. I enjoy Central Europe the most in September and October.
If you need help planning Budapest just let me know. Glad to help. I've spent time in Vienna, Prague and Cesky K. too but there are others here more qualified than me to help with those.

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Three comments:
1-Skip Bratislava or make it a day trip from Vienna.
2-The travel from Cesky Krumlov/Cesky Budejovice to Salzburg is not as easy as you make it out to be. Look for a shuttle company (bean shuttle) or take the westbus to Linz and then the train.
3-Too many cities and town. Build some countryside (Salzkammergut, Wachau) into your itinerary.

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I think it looks fine, personally I like spending a night ay a place after the crowds are gone, although I try to avoid one-nighters. You are breaking up long travel distances, which I think makes for a more enjoyable trip.