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11 nights in Austria. How to spend it?

We have 11 nights in Austria and I can't decide how to spend it. After 5 nights each in Budapest and Prague, We will go to Salzburg and fly home from Vienna.
I was thinking 4 nights in each of those and would like to find a quiet small town for the other 3 nights. Does that sound like a good way to go? Of course we'll see all the mains sights. After so much bigger city time the small town seemed like a good break. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

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Small towns like St Gilgen, Bad Ischl and Hallstatt would seem like good places to hang out for three quiet nights and venture out daily to local hikes, etc. Answer might be different depending on what season you’re going.

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Hallstadt is too touristy and expensive. If you want something different why not go further south to Klagenfurt or Wolfsberg? From there you can swing back up to Vienna and they are not on the main tourist route. Beautiful towns and fantastic scenery. If you ski I'd say Kitzbuhl!

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We thought about renting a car after Salzburg to use for those 3 days and get ourselves to Vienna where we’d drop it off. We’re going this April, 2020.

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April is an odd month for the mountains as ski season is ending, but the weather is often still quite cold with snow and ice possible. I wouldn't count on being able to hike at higher altitudes. I would therefore suggest that you base yourself in a lower lying area, perhaps on a lake. That makes the Salzkammergut a good choice. I like St. Gilgen, personally. If you have a car, you could stay at a farm, which would be nice. I also really like Gmunden.

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I'd rent a car for a week and stay in an apartment in St Gilgen or any of the smaller towns/villages bordering Austria in the Berchtesgadener Land area of Germany. Easy drive or bus into Salzburg from either, easy access to most of the other places mentioned above and then some. It will be quiet in the evenings.

Yes, Hallstatt is very touristy but terribly pretty. It's a trade-off worth taking.