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10 days in Eastern Europe in August

Hello Friends,
Me an my friend are planning a trip to Eastern Europe from 12-21 August 2017.
We'll be flying from India and will reach Prague on 12th early morning and depart from Vienna on 21st Aug in the afternoon.
We are planning to visit below places:
1. Prague
2. Budapest
3. Vienna
4. Salzburg
5. Hallstatt
6. Innsbruck
Could anyone please suggest the itirenary which we should follow?
We have drafted a rough plan as below:
1. 12-13 in Prague
2. 14-15 in Vienna
3. 16- Day trip to Budapest from Vienna
4. 17-18- Salzburg and Hallstatt
5. 19-20 - Innsbruck and back to Vienna on 20th evening
6. Depart from Vienna.
I have heard we should spend atleast 2 days in Budapest and only 1 day in Salzburg.
Is there a better option we can follow?
Looking forward for the replies!

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This itinerary is too much. You have no time see much of either city, and you will spend at least a third of your time travelling between the different places.

I suggest:
Prague (stay 2 nights) - flight to Budapest (stay 2 nights) - train to Vienna (stay the rest of your time). From Vienna you could make day trips e.g. to Salzburg, the Wachau valley, etc.

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Agree with the previous comment. Every change in location is a day lost. A 9 day trip should be 2 stays, possibly 3. Vienna and Budapest. Salzburg for a 3rd. Remember, you can go back on another trip. In Vienna, you have at least 3 solid days to see even a small part of this great city. Ditto Budapest.

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I agree with the others. I would suggest Prague, train to Budapest takes about 6 and a half hours, then fast train to Vienna. Try three days in each. Make sure to do the baths in Budapest, a great walking city. Vienna has a lot to see, focus on your particular interests. The Hofburg palace, treasury, and Schonnbrun palace are amazing. Walk to the top of the steeple in St. Stephen's. Prague is also a great walking city. Enjoy, with your proposed itinerary you would be in transit and have time for nothing. Life is short, but there is always time to stop and smell the rose. Plan on returning. Hank, Novato, CA

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I would rent a car in Prague, put the pedal to the metal and keep there till you reach Vienna. Allowing for a little sleep, you should just about be able to make it. And by the way, by most current definitions, none of this is in Eastern Europe (unless you are over 55)

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To see realistic travel times between cities check I think you'll see that much of your time is going to be spent traveling...that's probably not what you're envisioning for your trip. You should either extend your time there or cut one or two places from your itinerary.

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I don't find Rome2Rio's travel-time estimates very reliable. Be sure to drill down till you reach a link to the bus or train line you would be using so you can see the actual schedule. Consult for driving times, but pad them a bit.

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Prague, train to Budapest takes about 6 and a half hours

That is a pain as there is no high-speed track between the cities.

Other than for Vienna, which is a high-price destination regarding air fares, there are cheap flights offered by Czech Airlines between Prague and Budapest. The price varies greatly depending on the day and time of travel, not to forget the amount of your luggage. It can be down to USD 70, but I would rather expect USD 120 or more in August's vacation season.

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I would not use a car between your destinations, especially not between Prague and Vienna. Train is almost always faster. D1 (freeway between Prague and Brno) is notorious for its construction repairs, traffic jams. For 9 days itinerary you have time for two cities, maximum three: Prague, Budapest, Vienna.

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Ilja, Prague to Vienna is too close to fly and for my comfort level, too far for a train. Car? I don't drive on vacations. But, if you break the trip between Prague and Vienna with an overnight in Cesky Krumlov or a suitable alternative, then it works for me. Prague to Budapest in my book is a no-brainer. Fly. They both have manageable airports and door to door should be about 5 hours with no luggage, a bit longer with luggage. As for doing all three in 9 days.... well I guess you could, but I would pick two.

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If you stick to this schedule you will need a vacation after your vacation!

While I'm no fan of backtracking on trips, I'd suggest scaling back and go: Prague-Budapest-Vienna. 3 days in each will allow you to savor the treasures of each.

Travel safe!

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I suggest dropping Hallstatt, spend the time in Salzburg