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10 day Austria trip

Arriving in Vienna Nov 25th, staying two nights, off to Salzburg for 4-5 days. Would love to go to Hallstatt but unsure if the ice on the lake would render getting there impossible. I'm thinking rail is our best bet for travel, but new to this endeavor. Input would be wonderful. Thank You, Dennis from Wisconsin.

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There is a road that goes right through (or under) Hallstatt, so there are more ways that just boat to get there. Use for transportation schedules.

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Although I can't find a definitive answer, I just went through about 50 images of Hallstatt in winter and I can't find a single one that showed ice on the lake. It is only about 500 m elevation and 100 m deep, so like Lake Tahoe, I suspect it never freezes.

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Hoping no ice on the lake since our RS tour will take us to Hallstatt within a few days of your visit! As a matter of fact, we will probably overlap some of your Salzburg days :)