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Vienna hotel

Im going to be in Vienna for 1 night next July, I arrive at approx. 430PM and fly out at 6am the next morning.
Id like a hotel that is easy to get back to the airport for my early flight out but would also like to do a quick visit to the city.
Im not sure if I should stay by the airport or go into town.

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I think you will get more responses if you post this question in the Austria forum. This section is to review a hotel after you've stayed there (I know - it's confusing!). More hotel experts will see your question if you post in the Austria section.

I've had a great experience at Hotel Austria, and it's about a 2 minute walk to the tram station.

Since your flight is so early though, I would check to make sure that public transportation is running early enough to get you to the airport in time.

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For a 6 AM flight (meaning you will want to be at the airport 4:30 AM or so), I'd stay at the airport. Normally I'm a fan of staying in a city for even a short visit, but staying at the airport gives you a bit of extra sleep in this case.

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You didn't say where are flying to. I never accept any 6:00 am flight overseasm to North America. Such travelers fly to a larger European airport where they sit around until late morning or noon. It is tough enough of a flight without getting no sleep the night before.