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looking for luxury hotel near Porto Corsini in Ravenna - in October, 2022

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Cheryl, you've put this in the review section for Austria, not the travel forum for Italy. That said, there are no luxury hotels in that area. In fact, there are few accommodations at all. It's an industrial area that is also seeing use as a cruise port.

If you want to stay in a nice area, with lots of interesting sightseeing at hand, you'll want to be in the center of Ravenna, not near that port. I have no personal experience with accommodations in Ravenna but you might look at Palazzo Bezzi? Hopefully you'll get some other suggestions.

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The cruise ships are going into/out of an industrial port maybe 20 minutes by bus outside of the city.
You would need to go into the city by train in order to catch a bus out to the port.

You don't mention where you're coming from. If you're coming from Venice, you could take the Bologna train and connect to another train 40 miles out that takes you to Ravenna.

The main train line out of Ravenna goes to Bologna to Milan--about 3 hours. If someone's flying from the U.S. to catch a cruise out of Ravenna, they would do best to fly into Milan Malpensa and take the train from Milan all the way into Ravenna.