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Pension Nossek-Vienna

Reviews from anyone who has stayed at this hotel? This is the hotel on the GAS tour we have booked for August and we are looking to extend our stay for 2 more nights.

Thank you!

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I stayed there last year. when I was on the 8 day Munich, Salzburg, Vienna tour. The hotel is in an excellent location. I did not care for the breakfast and they charged extra for orange juice and this was part of the Rick Steves tour where breakfast was included! I don't drink coffee at all. The hotel was ok, but I would not stay there again, it was my least favorite hotel. I had a huge room, the hotel is worn. The walls are thin. The staff was nice. I stayed four days after the tour, in Vienna but moved to another hotel I had stayed in when I was on the GAS tour a few years before my 8 day tour. Your only staying two nights so it might be worth it to stay there but since I was staying four more nights I was glad I moved to the other hotel which I thought was a lot nicer and a lot less money. I stayed at the Hotel Savoy. It is near a main shopping street, there is a subway stop across the street and I like the hotel and would stay there again.

If you do decide to stay at the hotel two more nights in Pension Nossek-Vienna it would be fine but more than two nights I would move to a different hotel. It is up to you.

I totally love Vienna and stayed after the GAS tour four days and again four days after the 8 day tour! I loved both tours and all the cities we went to!!!

I hope this helps.

Have a great tour, it is wonderful.

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Ann, the Hotel Savoy was sold and is no longer the RS hotel for Vienna. I’m booked for Oct 1 GAS tour and got a notice last January I think regarding the change of hotels. We are now staying at Pension Nossek. We decided to stay an extra 2 nights in Vienna and booked it at Motel One because Savoy didn’t have the availability and decided to keep Motel One when the hotels switched. I’m glad I did now after hearing your take on Nossek ( similar to Tripadvisor which we also checked). Motel One was cheap and my friend and I can get our own individual rooms there which we may well need after rooming together for 2 weeks!

Kadams, Motel One is close to the main train station so not so centrally located but we booked there for the reasons above. Plus it’s pretty new so hopefully we won’t have the “shabby hotel” factor.

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I stayed at the Hotel Pension Suzanne after the MSV tour a couple years ago and enjoyed it a lot. It’s just a block from the Opera and Cafe Mozart. A nice breakfast is included. I spent a couple days in a twin room with a kitchenette, then moved to a single. Both were fine.

Be sure to visit Karlskirche in Karlsplatz. It was a highlight of my visit to Vienna. You get to see the paintings on the dome ceiling up close and personal, not to mention a great city view from the top of the dome. A real treat. And a short walk from the Suzanne. Enjoy!

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Thank you all for your replies....Ann, it seems your experience with this hotel is spot on. We've decided to stay only one extra day so we will stick with Nossek since the location is supposed to be really good.

Still looking forward to our trip despite this hotel!!

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I think you are doing the right thing by staying in the same hotel due to the fact you are staying only one night. I am sorry to hear you won't be staying in Vienna the two nights. I loved Vienna and as I said I have now stayed there 8 nights total on my own after two tours. I just think Vienna is a wonderful cultural city with so much to see and do. But of course it is up to you. And you may like Vienna so much that you will want to return on your own. It really is worth staying a week just in Vienna!

As for the hotel, it will be fine. it's not awful, just not as good as other hotels in Vienna. It will not deter from your trip in any way!
I was just annoyed they charged for juice as that is what I drink in the morning. Yes, the hotel is worn, but again not enough to make you be unhappy for one extra night.

I loved the GAS tour and found all the places to be interesting and fun.