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Is Alpbach really that special?

I am staying in central Tirol and have enjoyed it a lot. I have read quite a few English websites about Alpbach being one of the most charming Austrian towns.

Is this correct? How does it compare to other popular towns such as Seefeld or Neuztift? I am just wondering if Alpbach is pumped up by travel magazines/websites simply because it is an aggressive marketer in the English tourism world. So, what's the verdict according to folks who have seen it?

I know that Hallstatt, for example, is very popular with non-European tourists, so much that China built a full scale replica of it.

I fear places filled with loud, rude, and obnoxious tour groups. I also avoid towns filled with chain stores (high end and low end) that are ubiquitous in every city. For example, Garmisch Partenkirchen was a disappointment, because it has way too many chains and inauthentic eateries such as kebap shops.

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The modern style of döner kebab was invented in Germany , so it's hard to claim that it's "inauthentic".