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Hallstatt Hotel/B&B/Guesthouse recommendations

We are a family of 3 adults (19 year old daughter) who will be traveling to Hallstatt in January for a 2 night stay. I'm having an extremely difficult time finding a place for us to stay. They are either booked or out of our price range (and even those I can't find anymore when I look back -- desperate to book something at least!). I have a feeling that some of the places are either closed in January or just don't have their sites ready to take reservations that far out yet. I'm willing to stretch the budget to be nearer to town (and/or a lake view), but, honestly, at this point, I'm just wanting to find a place that will take 3 of us! If you have any recommendations about places you have stayed, I'd love to hear them. I have two conditions: they must be clean and have a private bathroom. Other than that, I don't care if it's small, not a lot of amenities, or whatever. Just clean and an unshared bathroom. Thanks for any help!

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My guess is like you said, either they're closed or don't have 2024 up yet. Only because I was able to find rooms for this coming July just a couple months ago and this is a very busy time.
i've booked Pension Bergfried.

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Seehotel Gruner Baum has availability and is wonderful, not sure what your budget is and where exactly you want to be - this is ON the lake.

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Have you checked Not knowing when in January, i put in dates mid month and quite a few places came up. It does look like accommodations in Hallstatt run $200 a night or so no matter if it’s an airbnb, a regular b and b or a hotel.
It’s beautiful there but maybe staying in Bad Ischl might work better with a drive to Hallstatt for the day. We actually stayed in St. Wolfgang and drove there, but it was fall so no chance of the road conditions being tricky. And in January, I hope it won’t be inundated with bus loads of Chinese tourists.

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Thanks for the replies. My exact dates are January 15-17. First, Seehotel Gruner Baum doesn't allow me to choose dates beyond the 5th. Yikes! I just put in two nights and I'm afraid they are out of our price range. Though I really wish that hotel wasn't as it would be worth a splurge.

I've tried on and either came up with too expensive or not available once I put in my dates. I think I'm going to have to do a waiting game for the month of January to fully open.

Also, yes, I've looked on airbnb as well and there's not much close and driving in the mountains takes longer so we'd rather be as close to Hallstatt as possible.

I'm waiting on my Rick Steves book from the library but, in the meantime, have went through every suggested place from his old 2014 book (I'm afraid he's not going to have new suggestions!). If anyone has a new book and wants to throw out a couple $$ or $ places, I'd appreciate it, just in case.

Please keep any suggestions coming. though, especially if you've went (if you've used airbnb and like the place...). I'll look into everything while re-examining our budget. So much cheaper and easier with 2 people than 3. Guess I should be glad it's not 4 of us (my other daughter is back in college and can't join us this part of the vacation)!


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As a reminder, you will still need to park outside of the old town, so figure that into a place to stay too. The waiting game is difficult, but I think that by June/July the places that will be offering space may have opened it for reservations. Sometimes, it’s a 3 month window too so try not to get too discouraged. We’ve only been to Hallstatt in March and in October, both without snow so hope the walking in the old town is good.

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The Bergfried is a good hotel. It is about a 10 minute walk from the boat landing for the train. You have a lot of time. Keep searching on, something will open up.

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Why not private message the hotel you are interested in or telephone them ? Thst way you know what's going on !!!:-)

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Our stay at Pension Gruner Anger was very nice. Large room; immaculately clean. Easy walk to everything in Hallstatt. I had to email them directly to inquire about availability. Not sure if they are open that time of year, but it's worth a try.